Hey Teams!

Now that school is over

are you bored yet??


Don’t worry – The cure is on the way!


Take a Sneak Peek at the 2001-02 Challenges!


Challenge A: It’s Your Move 

Everybody loves to play games….board games, arcade games, computer games, or fantasy role-playing games. What if you could create a game played on a giant game board with a large team-driven vehiclefor a game piece? What if the path that your game piece had to travel was different every time you played the game? Sound like fun? Then come and try this ultimate big tech gaming Challenge!



Challenge B: On Holiday!  

You and your teammates will create comic fireworks in a humorous performance about your adventures in a foreign nation.  When travelers ‘On Holiday’ express wildly different viewpoints about their new experiences, the trips will be a laugh a minute!  All aboard!  Let’s go!



Challenge C: Dual DI-lemma  

You will have to get your ‘ducts in a row’ to solve this Dual balsa wood DI-lemma. There will be no ‘paper thin’ excuses allowed in having a pre-built structure and then building another structure ‘on site’ at the Tournament! With eight minutes to test both structures and perform a contrasting skit, this is ‘shear  madness’!!



Challenge D: StranDId!  

Marooned! Trapped with no apparent way out! Stranded and unable to use electric power of any kind, the characters must use a team-invented mechanical device (and their own ‘energized’ creativity!) to deal with their situation. A humorous character adds to the fun.



Challenge E: The Art Improv  

What do you get when you take an image from Famous Artwork, mix in a dab of exploration, and blend in a Situation in a 30-minute burst of creativity? Swirl in a Surprise Character during the performance and, like mixing colors on an artist’s palette, you get a ‘sketch’ that is pure fun! Come and celebrate the ‘Art of Improv!’




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