Sneak a Peek at the 2003-04 Team Challenges!


Challenge A: DestiNations in Time

Focus: Technical Design and Construction, including the construction of Timing Devices; International Studies; Fine Arts;

Theater Arts; Teamwork.


The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

The alarm clock buzzes, the school bells ring, your wristwatch beeps. Hurry up, slow down, come on, we’re late! What if you could control Time? Your Challenge is to build your own Timing Device, perform some Tasks on Schedule, and tell an International Story that shows what could happen if you could be in charge of Time. It’s about TIME for some fun!


Challenge B: The Plot and the Pendulum

Focus: Theatre Arts, Playwrighting, Set Design, Technical Design, Teamwork


The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Imagine that you’ve come to a fork in the road. Which way should you go? You choose a direction, confident in your path. What about the road you did not choose? Your Challenge is to create a Theatrical Presentation that features two original Stories – they begin the same way, but they split along the way and have different endings.  You’ll be aided by your team-invented Plot Diverter, a Pendulum that signals the Pivotal Events that set your Stories in motion. Swing into action and tell the tales!



Challenge C: Cartoon DImensions

Focus: Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Playwrighting, Characterization, Teamwork


The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

What do Sponge Bob™ and the Powerpuff Girls™ have in common with ancient cave drawings? They are pictures that come to life to tell a story! Two-dimensional Characters play a big part in entertaining us, but what if they suddenly came to life? Your Challenge is to create an original Cartoon Story, complete with Costumes and Characters! Your amazing, three-dimensional cartoon adventure comes to life with team-generated Sound and Visual Special Effects. Are you drawn to this Challenge? Come on!



Challenge D: UpBeat Improv

Focus: Improvisational Acting; Music Research and Composition; Design and Construction of Musical Instrument;

Theater Arts; Teamwork


The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Music! From Opera to Rock, from Celtic to Klezmer, what performance isn’t jazzed up by a great soundtrack? Add some variations – Some Characteristics, some Improv Games, and a team-created Instrument – and prestoyou have aharmonious show. But take note! Improv teams have just 30 minutes to fine-tune their gig!


Challenge E: GuessDImate!

Focus: Structural Design and Construction; Mathematical concepts including Reasoning, Estimation, Measuring, and Probability; Theater Arts; Teamwork.


The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

How many books can you stack before the pile tips over? How many beans will fit in a jar? How many people can fit in an elevator before the doors close? It’s anybody’s guess! If you love guessing games, you’ll love this Challenge! Build a Structure of Wood and Glue and estimate how many pounds of weight it can hold. Win Bonus Pounds if your estimate is close! Gather the data you’ll need by building and breaking many Structures until your guesses are on the mark. Using your best GuessDImate, tell the Appraisers how much weight your Structure will hold BEFORE you load it up.


Rising Stars™ Team ChallengeThe Surprise Trip

For Primary students in grades K-2


Focus: Storytelling, Rhyming, Following Multi-step Directions, Teamwork, Speaking in Front of an Audience.


What is our Challenge?:

The exciting day has finally arrived. The adventure is ready to begin. It has all been planned when…OH NO! Your path has been Detoured. You need to go in a different direction. Where will this new path take you? Who will you meet? Where will you end up? Where will this unexpected Detour take you and your friends? Perform a Play to show your adventure.



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