2003 Regional Tournament

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Are there other words to describe two fantastic Regional Tournaments just concluded in New York?  If there are, please let me know because I’m at a loss for words to describe just how miraculous, incredible, fantastic, engaging, enthusiastic, creative, innovative, exciting, wonderful, joyous and just plan great these two tournaments were! 

Congratulations to all of our wonderful teams and to all of the phenomenal volunteers who worked so hard to make sure every team had a great tournament experience.


The scores for both the Eastern and Western Regional Tournaments are up on our website and linked to the NEW YORK’S LATEST NEWS section of our homepage at http://nydi.org


We are proud to introduce our NEW YORK STATE FINALISTS – to see an alphabetical listing of the 56 fabulous teams that will continue the journey on April 5, 2003 at our New York State Finals.



We need YOU to help make sure our State tournament is a huge success for these teams!  PLEASE, if you are a Team Manager of a team NOT advancing to State Finals and you would like to Appraise at our tournament call Dee Urban our Affiliate Director today at 716-675-7566.  If you are an Appraiser who has already worked at our Eastern or Western Regional Tournaments and you would like to apPRAISE our teams at State Finals please call Dee!  We can also use the help of volunteer in non-appraisal positions – WE DESPERATELY NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS A GREAT EVENT FOR ALL OF OUR KIDS!  If you are willing to work at our tournament NYDI will cover up to $25 per person for hotel costs (if two people share a room in the four star hotel in which we have blocked rooms, your TOTAL cost per person will be $2.50 for your room!).  We will provide you with a stylish and yet whimsical Officials Tee Shirt, breakfast and lunch on the day of the tournament …. And most importantly the kids will provide you with smiles, pride and a renewed sense of wonder and awe – we will provide our eternal thanks and appreciation!  So call Dee today and volunteer!


In the coming days, information about our tournament, pictures of each performance venue, the tournament schedule, and other important notices will be placed on our website.  Be sure to keep checking the website for this critical information.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of New York’s Teams ….  We are so very proud of you!


Cre8ively Yours,

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

Destination Imagination of New York



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