The top teams from each New York regional tournament and all teams from the Central Region competed in the 2015 NYDI Affiliate Tournament (our state finals), on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at Binghamton High School in Binghamton, NY.

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Important Information


Each team must bring a new completed set of Tournament Data Forms with them to the Affiliate Tournament.  Appraisers at this tournament will NOT have access to the forms which you handed to the appraisers at the Regional Tournament or Showcase.

If you already handed in your Parental Consent Form  and/or Adult Consent Form at the Eastern or Western Regional Tournament, then we already have the forms on file, and you do not need new ones.  If you are from Central Region, or somehow never submitted these forms, they must be turned in at tournament registration.

All teams should visit the Champ Pack page, and learn about how to pre-order, so that they are prepared if they advance to Global Finals.

General Tournament Schedule

  • Owing to the uneven balance of teams across the challenges, our schedule this year is particularly difficult. Some teams will start performing as early as 8am; others do not finish until 5pm. As a result, we do not expect the Awards Ceremony to begin any earlier than 5:15pm.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Teams which are done with their performances or have free time between Team Challenge and Instant Challenge should consider spending some time watching and supporting other teams.  Go see what’s going on in other challenges, or check out the other levels in your own challenge!
7:00am-2:00pm Team Registration Main Entrance
1st floor
9:20am-3:00pm A: Creature Feature Main Gym
1st floor
12:20pm-3:00pm B: Making Waves Small Gym
1st floor
8:00am-4:40pm C: Feary Tales Foley Theater
2nd floor
8:20am-3:40pm D: The Improv Games Black Box Theater
Audience: 3rd floor
Teams: 2nd floor
8:40am-11:40am E: Lose To Win Auxiliary Gym
1st floor
9:20am-2:20pm Project Outreach:
Brand Aid
Chorus Room
2nd floor
2:40pm-3:20pm Rising Stars:
Animal Mish Mash
Chorus Room
2nd floor
9:00am-4:30pm Instant Challenge
Fast Food Café 
1st floor (Rm. B112)
7:30am-4:30pm Food Service Cafeteria
1st floor
9:00am-3:00pm Souvenir Sales Pin Auction The Commons
1st floor
DI-Bored Room
Afternoon team activities
Room B101
1st floor
(or when scores
are ready)
Awards Ceremony Main Gym
1st floor
Immediately following
Awards Ceremony
Global Finals Meeting TBD

Advancement to Global Finals

  • First and second place teams for each level and each challenge at the Affiliate Tournament will advance to Global Finals 2015. Ties may also be advanced. In addition, we will be allowed to advance third place teams for the Project Outreach challenge (Brand Aid).
  • ALL teams should be prepared to purchase a Champ Pack immediately after the awards ceremony. The Champ Pack is mandatory for advancing teams, and includes NYDI T-Shirts for every participant, and a few trading pins. Cost is $30 per team member. Advancing teams can be purchase additional shirts and pins at a discount. We strongly suggest pre-ordering to streamline the purchase process!  Champ Pack orders must be complete 8pm on Sunday, April 19th in order to guarantee availability for Global Finals!  See the Champ Pack page for details.
  • What if we Win at States and are going to Global Finals?

Binghamton High School

Prop Drop Off and Load-in

Binghamton High School is situated on the south side of Main Street between Front Street (east) and Oak Street (west). The entrance for dropping off props and parking is on Front Street. Use the driveway marked “Binghamton High School – No Admittance – Service and Authorized Vehicles Only – Parking for District Personnel Only”.  There will be a parking garage on the left, and the school straight ahead. Signs will be posted indicating the drop off spots for each challenge.

Click Here for a Detailed Load-in Map

Teams may not use the entrances on Oak Street or Main Street to load in props.

Please be aware that the elevator is primarily reserved for attendees who are unable to climb stairs. Teams performing on upper floors should assume that they will need to carry their props and equipment up one or more flights of stairs.

Please don’t bring your props to the challenge sites hours before your performance time! While we will have prop zone monitors, the area will get full if teams that are performing late in the day have dropped their props off early in the morning. The more crowded it is, the more likely inadvertent mishaps will occur. Please be considerate of other teams and load-in no more than about 90 minutes before your assigned check-in time.


Once your props are unloaded your car will need to be moved and parked, as many folks will be unloading in this area.

  • We prefer that cars park in the parking garage. There is no fee to park in the garage.
  • Leave the outside parking available to larger vehicles, such as prop trucks, that will not be able to use the garage.
  • There is also street metered parking. Please read signs and parking meters carefully!
  • Do not leave your cars unattended in the load-in zone! Empty your car, then go and park somewhere else promptly!
  • The school has a secondary lot located on North Street, a long block away from the school on the other (north, ironically) side of Main Street. There is a sign at the lot.

Team New York Team Managers Meeting

There is a very important Team Manager Meeting immediately after the awards ceremony to review the “Going to Globals” process. Team Managers of all advancing teams should attend. We will have a packet of information for the Team Manager and we will review the process. There are veterans in this group that will have great insight to share as well. We intend for this meeting to be brief but focused, running not more than 20 minutes.

Schedule of Team Performances

Please note that this schedule is subject to change!

Emails from NYDI always take precedence over this web page, and all teams should re-verify their performance times when they register on the day of the tournament.

Updated Please note the newly added Volunteer assignment colums at the right of the schedule!  If a volunteer assignment is not listed for your team, please check at tournament registration for your assignment.

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Download 2015 Affiliate Tournament Schedule 

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