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Teams which excel at the 2016 NYDI Affiliate Tournament will advance to Global Finals ’16, to be held on May 25th-28th, 2016 at the Uni­vers­ity of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.


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Global Finals teams must be registered in the DI Event Management System. Any registration concerns should be addressed to [email protected].

Confirmation of Attendance at Globals

If you know your team will be attending Globals, please follow the link in the email you received from DI Inc. and confirm your attendance. If you know you will not be able to attend, please advise us as soon as possible so we can determine if another team should advance.

Registration / Payment Deadlines

A deposit of $1,500 is due now.

We have noted a conflict in the date by which the deposit must be made for teams attending Global Finals. The Global Finals website says that the deposit is due on April 23rd (two weeks after the Affiliate Tournament); the DI Event Management / Registration System shows a date of April 27th for most teams. Regardless of which is correct, any effort you can make to get the deposit in as soon as possible would be appreciated as this will alert DI Inc. that our compliment is complete.

Final payment and confirmation is due by May 6th.

Registrations can be updated online (add-ons, etc.) until May 6th at 11:59 PM. After that date, a fee will be imposed.


NYDI has great great on-campus housing in Brown Hall. The residence hall is near the Presidential Quad (ground zero for pin trading), near the athletic facility, and has good transportation links to the rest of the tournament.

This residence hall is modern and in great condition. The environment is a great one for students and their supporters to build camaradarie with other New York teams, and with teams from around the world.

Each room has two beds, a mini-fridge, air conditioning, and desks. Some rooms have a private bathroom, others have a bathroom shared with one other room. Bed linens and towels are provided.

Brown Hall Room

For more information, please see UT’s Brown Hall page.

Pin Trading

It has been said that beyond the Challenges, pin trading is the social glue which binds teams from all around the world together at Global Finals.

Every team member will receive a few NYDI pins in their Champ Pack, but most participants buy additional pins so that they have more to trade.  See the Champ Pack page and our NYDI Shop for more information.

Note: Any additional pin orders for your teams — including parent orders — should come through the Team Manager to [email protected]. This will greatly facilitate the distribution of pins and shirts.  It will also allow us to consolidate orders by team if that works to the benefit of the team/parents.  These orders should be paid my check payable to Destination Imagination of New York, 22 Cortlandt Manor Road, Katonah, NY 10536.


NYDI and DI Inc. do not provide transportation to Global Finals.  This is the responsibility of the team, or perhaps of the team’s sponsoring organization.  There is some information about Global Finals travel at Global Finals Transportation.

What to Bring

Here is a short list of items which teams should be sure to bring for the trip to Knoxville:

  • Your solution: Make sure you have a good checklist of all of your props, equipment, supplies, costumes, tools, etc. Check it twice!
  • Your paperwork: Checkin sheets (from DI Event Management), signed Global Finals Consent Forms, and Tournament Data Forms (see below).
  • Your NYDI State Champions shirt (wear this for opening and closing ceremonies).
  • Your school or team DI Shirt (wear this for your Team Challenge (unless you have constumes), and for your Instant Challenge.
  • Your NYDI Trading Pins
  • Costume for the Duct Tape Ball (if you plan to attend)
  • Cell phone and charger. Extra batteries or power banks are recommended.
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (temperatures in Knoxville are expected to be in the mid 80’s).
  • Swim suit / large towel, tennis racket, etc. – the athletic center just just across the road from our residence hall!
  • Clothes for the stay – but not too much! 
  • Any medications which you need, in their original packaging.

Note the above list is not definitive!

What NOT to Bring

While that is a pretty long list, we do advise teams to pack light:

  • Don’t bring any fancy dress clothing.  You won’t need it.
  • Don’t bring lots of extra clothing “just in case”. You can always wash items as needed.
  • Don’t bring anything which is illegal or dangerous (drugs, weapons, etc.).
  • Most important: Don’t bring ATTITUDE. Remember – we are no longer teams from our individual schools! Rather, we are TEAM NEW YORK, representing our entire affiliate, our country, and DI globally. We are ambassadors for Destination Imagination – let’s act that way, and support every team – no matter where they come from.


Each team must bring a new completed set of Tournament Data Forms with them to Global Finals. Global Finals appraisers will NOT have access to the forms which you handed to the appraisers at any of the NYDI tournaments.

There is a completely separate and different set of Consent Forms required for Global Finals. These differ from the NYDI Consent Forms which you already completed.

Teams are reminded that they should print out a copy of the Published Clarifications and any Team Clarifications which they requested.

Welcome Ceremony

The Welcome Ceremony will take place at Thomson-Boling Arena on Wednesday night at 7:30pm.  Tickets in NYDI’s reserved area are provided for Team Members and Team Managers; other spectators must find open seating in the high upper sections. NYDI provides Statue of Liberty crowns and fun flashy things for the ceremony.

An NYDI staff member will be available in Brown Hall in the afternoon / early evening on Wednesday to make sure that every team receives their bag with any t-shirts / pins that are owed, as well as Welcome Ceremony goodies.

Event Sites

Please see the links below for details on event and performance sites:

Performance Schedule

Please see the link below for Team New York’s performance schedule:

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