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What’s New This Year

NEW There are major changes this year!
  • New location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • There is now a flat registration fee for every team.
  • Housing and food decisions will be made by the team.  There will be no Affiliate Dorm or Hotel assignment as we have had in the past.
    (Unfortunately we have been unable to secure a large enough block of rooms to accommodate all of Team New York in a single hotel)
  • All Team Challenge performances will be in the same building (Kansas City Convention Center).


To access your registration

  • Go to DI Event Management System.
  • Log in using the same email and password that you used on the DI Resource Area to select and download your Challenge back in the fall. You can use the password reset function if you don’t remember your password.
  • Go to Teams → Register.
  • Click the pencil  button to the left of your team.

Global Finals teams must be registered in the DI Event Management System. Any registration concerns should be addressed to [email protected].

Confirmation of Attendance at Globals

If your team has been invited to advance to Global Finals all of your team information has already been uploaded to the Globals Finals site including your Team Managers’ information. Invited teams will receive an email inviting them to attend Global Finals. Please be on the lookout for this email and don’t forget to check your spam folder! This email will contain a link to the DI Event Management System [different vs. the one used for our NYDI events]. If you do not already have an account with DIHQ you should receive an email prompting you to create one.

If you know your team will be attending Globals, please follow the link included in the email you received from DI Inc. and confirm your attendance. If you know you will not be able to attend, please advise us as soon as possible so we can determine if another team should advance. 

If you have not received the invitation email please email [email protected] immediately.

Special Requests

If you have specific scheduling constraints or other special requests these can be indicated in the registration system on the Special Requests tab. Please be as specific as possible about your request you are making, and about the reason for that request. It is possible to make multiple requests of different types (e.g. a health concern and a scheduling request).

If any of your team members have particular health issues or special needs, please be sure to include this information in your team registration.

If you have concerns that you cannot address as a special request in the registration system, or if you have questions about your specific situation, you should contact DI Inc. directly at +1 (888) 321-1503 or at [email protected]. 

Registration / Payment Deadlines

Do you have questions?

Contact us:

  • You must accept (or decline) the invitation to Global Finals immediately.
  • A deposit is due by April 20, 2019 (yes, we know the online system says May 1, but please try to pay by April 20).
  • Final payment and confirmation is due by Early May.

Housing and Hotel Reservations

Instructions on how to book your lodging can be found in the DI Event Management System:


  • DI Inc. has published a list of available hotels including their prices, features and amenities.
  • Hotel booking is only available to teams that have accepted the invitation to attend Global Finals.
  • Hotels on the lodging list can only be booked using the link in the DI Event Management System.
  • To reserve blocks of more than 10 rooms send email to [email protected] including the Rooming List Form and Visit KC Credit Card Form. Block requests must be received by end-of-day on Friday, April 12.
  • More information on housing can be found at the Global Finals Housing.
  • Unfortunately there are be penalties for cancellations and changes, so please be sure of your plans before reserving.

Pre-Ordered Meals

Shipping Props

With the move to Kansas City, prop shipping is a bigger issue for more New York teams.

Apply for Need-Based Financial Aid

If you think that your team may be eligible for financial aid to attend Global Finals, please submit your application as soon as possible.

The application information can be found at Need Based Financial Assistance.

Sponsor your Team with A Tax Deductible Donation!

DI Inc. has provided a way for individuals and organizations to make tax deductible donations to support individual teams at Global Finals. These donations are applied directly to a teams open balance for Global Finals registration.

  • Please visit the Global Finals Sponsor a Team page for detailed instructions.
  • Checks sent to DI Inc. for donations MUST reference the Team Number ON THE CHECK in order for the team’s account to be credited.
  • Please share this with everyone who is interested in supporting your team, including local businesses or philanthropic groups such as Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Rotary, etc.  Any donation should appear in your registration once it is posted by DII.
  • Please ask the donors to notify you if they make donations so you can deduct those amounts from your registration balance.  If DII receives overages, it will revert to DII as they cannot reimburse the difference to the donor.
  • If there is a problem DO NOT contact DI Inc.
    Please send the information to [email protected] so that our Affiliate Director, Sue Brailey, can deal with DI Inc. directly.

More Information for Teams and Parents

There is a great deal of information regarding housing and meal options, and about the activities available while in Kansas City, available on the Global Finals Web Page. Please encourage your parents to review all of the activities and events at Globals so they get a better sense of what Globals is all about and of the activities that are available. We strongly suggest installing the Global Finals App on your phone or other device.

Pin Trading

It has been said that beyond the Challenges, pin trading is the social glue which binds teams from all around the world together at Global Finals.

Every team member will receive a few NYDI pins in their Champ Pack, but most participants buy additional pins so that they have more to trade.  See the Champ Pack page and our NYDI Shop for more information.

Note: Any additional pin orders for your teams — including parent orders — should come through the Team Manager to [email protected]. This will greatly facilitate the distribution of pins and shirts.  It will also allow us to consolidate orders by team if that works to the benefit of the team/parents.  These orders should be paid my check payable to Destination Imagination of New York, 22 Cortlandt Manor Road, Katonah, NY 10536.


NYDI and DI Inc. do not provide transportation to Global Finals.  This is the responsibility of the team, or perhaps of the team’s sponsoring organization.  There is some information about Global Finals travel at Global Finals Travel. Also see Global Finals Prop Shipment if you would like to arrange to ship your props directly to Global Finals.

What to Bring

Here is a short list of items which teams should be sure to bring for the trip to Knoxville:

  • Your solution: Make sure you have a good checklist of all of your props, equipment, supplies, costumes, tools, etc. Check it twice!
  • Your paperwork: Check-in sheets and release forms (from DI Event Management), signed Global Finals Consent Forms, and Tournament Data Forms (see below).
  • Clothing:
    • Your NYDI State Champions shirt – wear this for opening and closing ceremonies.
    • Your school or team DI Shirt – wear for Team Challenge (unless you have constumes), and for your Instant Challenge.
    • Costume for the Costume Ball, aka the “Duct Tape Ball” (if you plan to attend). It is traditional to make costumes out of duct tape.
    • Clothes for the remainder of your stay – but not too much!
  • Your NYDI Trading Pins
  • Cell phone and charger. Extra batteries or power banks are recommended.
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (temperatures in Kansas City are expected to be in the mid 80’s).
  • Swim suit / large towel, tennis racket, etc. – if your hotel has these facilities
  • Any medications which you need, in their original packaging.

Note the above list is not definitive!

What NOT to Bring

While that is a pretty long list, we do advise teams to pack light:

  • Don’t bring any fancy dress clothing.  You won’t need it!
  • Don’t bring lots of extra clothing “just in case”. You can always wash items as needed.
  • Don’t bring anything which is illegal or dangerous – no drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.
  • IMPORTANT Do not bring backpacks, other opaque bags or anything that is difficult to search to the Welcome Ceremony, Costume Ball, or Closing Ceremony.
  • Most important Don’t bring ATTITUDE! Remember – we are no longer teams from our individual schools! Rather, we are TEAM NEW YORK, representing our entire affiliate, our country, and DI globally. We are ambassadors for Destination Imagination – let’s act that way, and support every team – no matter where they come from.


Each team must bring a new completed set of Tournament Data Forms with them to Global Finals. Global Finals Appraisers will NOT have access to the forms which you handed to the appraisers at any of the NYDI tournaments.

There is a completely separate and different set of Consent Forms required for Global Finals. These differ from the NYDI Consent Forms which you already completed, and are available in the DI Event Management / Registration System.

Teams are reminded that they should print out a copy of the Published Clarifications and any Team Clarifications which they requested.

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  • Please force refresh / bypass your browser cache to ensure that you are seeing the latest version of the schedule!
  • The schedule below is a guide, and is NOT definitive! Teams should verify their performance times in the DI Event Management System, and again when they register on-site.
  • Emails from DI Inc. and postings on the DI Event Management System always take precedence over this web page!
  • Performance times are expected to be available in mid-May.
  • Requests for changes must be emailed to [email protected], and must include your team number and the reason for your request.




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