What is a Team Manager?


Each team must have at least one adult (18 years of age or older) registered as its team manager of record. Each district or NYDI member organization has the right to determine who this person will be. The TM is generally responsible for recruiting, selecting and training the team. The TM may not work on the team challenge solution unless, as may be the case in College/Military teams, he or she is also a team member. The TMs responsibilities often include presenting the team challenge to the team, conducting brainstorming sessions to develop solutions to the team challenge, conducting and evaluating instant challenge practice sessions, helping the team obtain the materials and knowledge necessary to solve the team challenge, supervising practice sessions, accompanying the team to competitions, and representing the team should a problem occur. The Team Manager can help the team by having guest speakers visit and talk about general principles that may be useful in solving the challenges, by showing films, and by suggesting resources that give the team basic techniques with which it may work. In short, a Team Manager is an adult facilitator, administrator, and supporter of a team. 

Why "Team Manager" and not "Coach"?

We never use the term "coach" to refer to the adults who help facilitate Destination Imagination team. Why? Because "coach" implies someone who tells the team what to do, or gives instruction. But in DI that is not allowed — it is Interference. "Team Manager" is a more apt term because it implies someone who facilitates the operation of the team, but does not contribute to the solution.

What is Required?

No special skills or talents are necessary to be an Team Manager, and we provide training for new and returning managers. There is, however, a substantial time commitment: In addition to the time spent in team meetings (which increases in the lead up to each tournament), Team Managers usually spend between 2-5 hours per week on preparation, organization and communication tasks.

How to become a Team Manager:

As each local district or organization sponsoring teams has the right to determine who its TMs will be, you should contact them directly to become a team manager. Alternatively, you may contact your Regional Director for more information. While no special skills are needed to fulfill this role, we do offer Team Manager Training Workshops early in each competitive season so that those who are interested can learn how to be most effective in this important role.

Our Mission

To engage participants in project-based challenges that are designed to build confidence and develop extraordinary creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.

We inspire and equip students to achieve anything they can imagine in life.

We offer seven exciting standards-based Challenges in STEMImprovVisual ArtsService Learning, and Early Learning. Each Challenge is open-ended and enables students (K-university) to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation. In solving our Challenges, teams learn important 21st century skills which will prepare them for a brilliant future. Students have fun and gain confidence in their ability to solve any challenge.

NYDI is the New York affiliate of Destination Imagination Inc.: a non-profit, volunteer-led, cause-driven organization.


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