Destination Imagination of New York Director’s Message


April 2, 2002





Hi Everyone!

As we all prepare for the journey ahead I wanted to take a moment for a few reminders:

* The SNEAK PEEKS at the 2002-2003 Challenges are now up on our website at

If you are planning on putting a TEAM CHEER AD in the State Tournament Program I must have your ad copy and your check by 4/15 at the VERY LATEST!  You can find the Team Cheer Order form on our website at:  Team Cheer Form

If your team is advancing to State Finals I need your TEAM REGISTRATION FORM a.s.a.p. – if you have lost yours please contact your Regional Director for a new one immediately!  You can find contact information for your Regional Director on our website at: Regions

If your team is NOT advancing to State Finals PLEASE consider taking on a new CHALLENGE!  We would LOVE to have any Team Manager whose team did not advance come to State Finals as an appraiser!  We recognize that as a Team Manager you know the Challenge as well as anyone and we would like to make the opportunity to see a tournament from the ‘other side of the table’ available.  Those TMs who have taken this opportunity in the past can attest to how valuable it was for their future teams!  If you are interested please fill out the Appraiser Response Form and send it to me NO LATER than 4/15.  You can access the form on our website at:  please just make a note on the form that you were a Team Manager this season and the name of the school for which you Managed.

Please keep watching our State Website for information regarding our State Tournament.  We will be posting the FINALIZED schedule, the site map, and more information as it becomes available!  The website should ALWAYS be your first stop when looking for information about our program!

For all teams, we have placed an order form for State T-shirts and Pins on our website at  If you are interested in ordering these items for shipment to you please use the form (link on the bottom of the page). NO ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED UNTIL AFTER STATE FINALS – so if you are going to attend State Finals you might want to save the shipping costs and pick up your shirts and pins at the tournament!

FINALLY – If you have a team attending State Finals be aware that there will be a BRIEF meeting immediately following the Awards Celebration for all TMs whose teams are going to Global Finals. It is VERY important that you bring with you the following information so that if your team is one of the lucky few you will be prepared.  Bring to State Finals (1) A list of all team members t-shirt sizes (2) A completed pin and t-shirt order form for your ENTIRE team, and parents (3) A checkbook ….. if your team is advancing to d2k.2 you will be able to pick up ALL your t-shirts and pins at this meeting if you are prepared!

Cre8ively yours,
Dee Urban, Affiliate Director


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