Thanks to generous donors, NYDI offers two great scholarship programs for students who have participated in the program.

We congratulate all of our 2014 scholarship recipients on receiving these well deserved honors:


Morningstar Scholarship

The Morningstar Scholarship honors participants in Challenge A (technical) or Challenge E (structural) who have excelled in these challenges, and who have demonstrated a long term commitment to DI and to team-based creative problem solving.


Christopher Joshi

Christopher Joshi has participated in DI for 6 years – competing in the Scientific and Fine Arts challenges before settling into four strait years on the Structural Challenge.  He has shown clear leadership characteristics and great team skills, and has contributed consistently to the success of his teams, and to the DI program. 

Turner Memorial Scholarship

The Turner Memorial Scholarship honors those who inspire others to participate and who contribute by their action to NYDI by giving of themselves with joy and grace for the betterment of our program.

This year we had an incredibly strong field of candidates.  As a result we have chosen to honor 4 candidates:


Ben Chason

Ben is not only a DI participant, but even at his young age, a veteran Team Manager. He aided the Managers of his brother’s team, helping as the team of first-timers solved the structure challenge, while at the same time participating on his own DI team. In the process, he learned how hard it really is to support a team without helping to solve the challenge itself. Ben continues to give back to the DI community through volunteering, inspiring the next class of DI kids to be as selfless and exceptional as he is. 

Isabella Kaplan

Isabella inspires everyone in her community with her volunteerism. After the devastating death of her best friend, Isabella started a foundation in her memory, Friends of Melina’s White Light. Using the team building and creative problem solving she learned in DI, Isabella has distinguished her charity from the thousands of others vying for peoples time and attention, raising thousands of dollars for childhood cancer research. Isabella also volunteers for DI as an appraiser and at outreach events, helping a new generation of kids find and love DI.


Matthew Swift

Matthew has participated in DI since he was in third grade. Now, as a senior in high school, he is insuring that his DI legacy will not only include the numerous successful solutions he has presented, but a thriving program at his school district. Matthew volunteers as a physics teacher for an Instant challenge workshop at his school, instructing students on the art of drinking-straw structures. Matthew also volunteers at his district’s instant challenge workshops, helping younger DIers find their passion for Instant challenge, just like he has.

Judith Brennan

Judith Brennan is an artist at heart. DI has helped her find and develop her love for the arts, and to share that gift with others. Judith volunteers at her former Middle School with the Art club, helping younger students find their muse. Judith also helped to found her school’s DI club, and works tirelessly with her school’s DI booster organization. On her journey, Judith has inspired others to join her in DI, sharing the joy and insight she has gained along the way.

About the DI Scholarship Program

For more information on NYDI and other Destination Imagination related scholarships, please visit our Scholarships page.

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