This section contains resources which should be useful to teams, Team Managers, and Coordinators.

The information is organized by audience - so click into the section below which is appropriate.

For Everyone 21

See this section for support materials useful for all NYDI participants and volunteers.

For Team Managers 53

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are a Team Manager looking for guidance or resources, or perhaps you are considering becoming a Team Manager.

We have accumulated a large repository of materials to help you support your teams in solving their Challenges. These can be found here.

We hope that you find this trove useful!

For Coordinators 2

Destination Imagination Coordinators are volunteers who faciliate the program at the local school or organization level.

They are the backbone of our volunteer core, making sure sure that teams are formed, that each has a Team Manager, and that they have access to the Program Materials.

Beyond that, coordinators:

  • Facilitate communications between DI participants and the sponsoring organization (e.g. school)
  • Help find resources for teams like skills training, sources of supplies, or other needs
  • Support team managers through mentoring, etc. 
  • In some cases, organize transportation to distant tournaments
  • Organize fundraising for their local DI program
  • Identify potential appraisers and tournament officials

We thank our amazing coordinators for all that they do for NYDI!

See below for some resources which can help in the task of coordinating a local DI program:


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