See this section for support materials useful for all NYDI participants and volunteers.

Start a Team

Congratulations on your decision to start a Destination Imagination team!
Here's how to begin:

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Web Resources for Teams

A compiled list of useful links for Teams and their Team Managers.

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Improvisation Resources

General resources for Improv Teams and teams looking to improve the improvisational component of Instant Challenge

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Structure Team Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to teaching a Destination Imagination team about building structures in a way that doesn't constitute interference.  This should be the first stop for new [and returning] Structure Challenge teams!

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Painting Basics

Basic painting tips for Destiantion Imagination teams

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Construction of Props and Backdrops

A list of questions to answer and concepts to think about for Destination Imagination constructing props and backdrops.

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Getting the Materials Your Team Needs

Some ideas on how to find the raw materials needed to solve the Challenge...

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Instant Challenge

A great guide on how to learn to be a strong Instant Challenge team.  Useful both for teams and Team Managers.

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Lending Library

NYDI maintains a library of books and materials useful to teams and Team Managers

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Books for Teams and Team Managers

Resource Books for Teams and Team Managers

Compiled by Rosemary Bognar, Destination Imagination, Inc. Training Facilitator

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Descriptions of Special Awards

At each tournament Destination Imagination can grant various special awards for solutions which were distinctive, or for anything which especially impressed the appraisers.

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Thanks to generous donors, NYDI offers two great scholarship programs for students who have participated in the program:

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Trading Pins

NYDI's annual budget is supported in part through sales of Trading Pins.

Besides competing, teams which participate at Global Finals have opportunities to trade pins with their counterparts from other affiliates. It has been said that pin trading is significant part of the social glue which binds Global Finals participants from around the world together in shared experience.

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Team Cheer Ads

Team Cheer Ads are sold for all NYDI tournaments, and are a great chance for you to give your team, school or district a little recognition in our tournament program, and to raise some money for your local program and for NYDI.

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