When your team forms, your local sponsoring organization (e.g. school) will inform you of the expenses for which teams are responsible, and of the details about how teams are funded in your organization.  You should contact your sponsoring organization's coordinator or your Regional Director for more information.

In addition to this, however, many Team Managers and parents have requested a breakdown of the typical budgeting for teams, and we provide an example here.


This expense breakdown is provided solely as a rough guide! All dollar amounts are estimates based upon prior years. Some expenses and fundraising responsibilities may be absorbed in part or in full by the local sponsoring organization (e.g. school), or may be presented to you differently by said organization. In all cases any information which you receive from DI Inc. and from your sponsoring organization should be treated as superseding the information contained herein.


Here is a table of typical expenses for participating teams:

Which Teams Fee Amount Description
All teams Regis­tration fees Inter­national Mem­bership $105 per competitive team
OR $125 for printed Program Materials
OR $95 if registering more than 5 teams
Covers the cost of the challenge, Program Materials, and registration with Destination Imagination Inc.
$65 per Rising Stars! (K-2) team
OR $75 for printed Program Materials
OR $60 if registering more than 5 teams
Affiliate $80 per competitive team Supports the operations of the DI of New York and NY Affiliate Finals tournament
$15 per Rising Stars! (K-2) team
Regional $185-$275 per team
Varies by region
May be a single fee or separate ones for different events, etc. in your region. Covers regional tournaments, trainings and regional administration.
Spon­soring organ­ization Varies  Fees assessed by the your local sponsoring organization (e.g. school) - may include cost of team T-shirts, etc.
Team expenses The Solution $175 (approx.)
Varies by challenge 
Each challenge has a maximum cost allowed for the materials which are used in the performance itself.  The exact amount varies depending upon the Challenge.
Other costs Varies by team  Materials used by the team but which are not used in performance, trans­por­tation, etc.
Teams which advance to NY Affiliate Finals Travel costs Trans­por­tation Varies Depending upon the team's home location, and the location of the tournament, there may be costs for transportation to the tournament, and in some cases for overnight lodging.
Note: Team Managers are usually NOT responsible for arranging their team's travel!
Teams which advance to Global Finals NYDI Champ Pack $30 per team member Includes a NY DI T-shirt and one set of trading pins. Required for each team member.
Travel to Knoxville, TN Varies Some sponsoring organizations arrange transportation to Knoxville (e.g. by chartered bus), while in others teams may travel independently.
Note: Team Managers are usually NOT responsible for arranging their team's travel!
Registration $750 per person Quoted price is for Global Finals Package 3A - includes admission to all events, 4 nights of housing, and 10 meals.  Other packages are available, but most teams choose this one. See Global Finals web site for more details.

Sources of funding

Given the costs involved, fundraising is necessary in order for most teams to participate.  Here are some of the potential sources of funds:
  • Support from the sponsoring organization (e.g. school district):
    • Some sponsoring organizations directly contribute funds
    • Bus transportation to tournaments may be provided gratis, or at reduced cost
    • Space may be made available at no cost for teams to use
  • Teams may collect dues from their members to fund their solution
  • Individual teams may fund-raise to get the money needed 
  • A booster club or parents organization may do fundraising through the year to support local teams
  • All teams from a sponsoring organization may band together to do fundraising to support those teams which advance to state and global finals.
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