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December 2000 Director’s Message


As this year comes to a close I want to take a moment to wish each of you a joyous holiday season filled with the blessings of home, health, family, friends & the joy of creative endeavor.   

The first months of 2001 will certainly fly by quickly.  Soon you will be able to see the tangible products of your team’s imagination come to life!  It will be an exciting and stressful time for Team Managers across the globe.  Before you know it January will become February and then March will arrive and with it the Destination Imagination of New York Regional Tournaments!

A few critical things must be taken care of so your team will be able to fully participate;


1.      Check with your school to make sure that you have registered with the National, State and Regional Organizations.  If you are not sure who to check with you can call the State Director, Dee Urban 716-675-7566, for information about your National & State Registration status.  Call your Regional Director for information regarding the status of your Regional registration.  You can find out the contact information for your Regional Director on our “Regional Information webpage. The NY State & Regional Membership deadline is 1/15/01

2.      Continue to check for clarifications at least once a week.  You can do this by clicking HERE .  Remember, you need your passport number (National Membership Registration number) in order to ask your own clarifications; make sure your team has this number before the Holiday Break so they can ask any questions they need!

3.      The December Newsletter is already on our Destination Imagination Commemorative Challenge Pins . It will be mailed in mid-December to every membership coordinator. Included in this newsletter is the WESTERN REGION team registration form which must be completed and returned by 1/15/01 in order to prepare Certificates of Participation and inclusion in the WESTERN regional tournament program.  Be sure you take care of this as soon as you can; please be careful to write clearly and carefully the names of each team member and manager as you wish them to appear.

4.      Also in the December Newsletter is a copy of the TEAM CHEER order form.  This is a great way for your team to raise some money and to support our organization through sale of these ads in our tournament programs.  50% of the cost of the ads is kept by the team selling the ad, the other 50% covers the cost of printing our tournament program which would not be possible without this aid. 

5.   The Destination Imagination Commemorative Challenge Pins  are still available for pre-order and will be delivered in January.  I have been able to extend the order deadline until January 15, 2001.  This is the LAST extension I can get; if you want these pins you will need to  make sure that your order is in my hands by 1/15/01.  These great pins will not be available at any tournaments, the only way to get them is through this pre-order process; don’t miss out!  Order yours today!


A word about appraisers:

Click here to find out WHY we call them APPRAISERS!WHY we call them APPRAISERS!

I realize how busy you are with your teams, families, jobs, and “real’ lives”. But securing enthusiastic appraisers for our tournaments should be a priority for each of you during the next month.  Each of our Regions requires that teams provide the name, address, phone, e-mail of people willing to attend mandatory training and be part of the appraisal team at our tournaments.  The WESTERN region appraiser response form is available in the December Newsletter.  Your team deserves the best appraisers we can collectively find!  Our appraisal teams, at Regional and State tournaments, should represent our entire state geographically.  Please make every effort to forward contact information (to your Regional Director) about anyone over 18 years of age willing to take on this citical position!  The only special requirements for being a GREATappraiser are A great sense of humor, love of kids, sense of wonder, ability to work on a team, enthusiasm for the abilities of kids, and a willingness to be trained!  If you know someone who fits this description please encourage them to volunteer to judge.  We promise they will be entertained by the MOST FANTASTIC KIDS IN THE WORLD!  And that they will enjoy the experience!

Wishing you, your families, and your teams a joyous holiday season!

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director


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