Many people’s thoughts turn to community service around the holiday season, but unfortunately, there is a need for service year round. This activity was inspired by Destination Imagination’s projectOUTREACH® challenges. Let’s see if the DI community can make a difference in the greater community this summer!


Your challenge is to research a charity or community service organization that operates locally and needs more participation during the summer months.  Using what you learn about the organization, create a media campaign focused on their needs this summer.


Also, you will need to create a logo for your media campaign that combines the NYDI corporate logo (see below) with that of your chosen organization. Be creative! Remember, we need to motivate people to give time/help/money/materials in the lazy summer months when their thoughts are turned to vacation, not giving!

Here are two versions of the NYDI logo:

NEW YORK Logo Vertical RGB
NEW YORK Logo Horizontal RGB

(click for larger versions)

Definition: “media campaign” – The coordinated use of media (print, video, radio, social, etc…) to create awareness of a need or cause.

The media campaign for the service organization you have chosen should involve at least 3 types of media, your team created combined logo, and should include the following information:

  1. What the charity or community service organization is or does.
  2. How the organization serves its community year round.
  3. What specific needs the organization has during the summer months.
  4. How can readers/consumers of the media campaign help the charity during the summer months?

Submission: optional

If you would like to share your solution with NYDI and our community, please submit your media campaign by email to Molly Gawura at [email protected] by September 1, 2013. If you give us permission to post your media campaign online, it will have to take a form that could be posted on our website, for example, digital photos, video, power point, etc… Also, we will need permission from the charity or community service organization to use their name, etc on our website.

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