September 2003

Affiliate DIrector






Hi Everyone!


I know how hectic this first few weeks of school can be so I will be quick!  Just an update to remind you that you can download the 2003-2004 Challenges, Guides, and other materials on line right now.  For instructions on how to access these please go to our NY Website at  


I also want to let you know that we have gotten some FABULOUS new posters, brochures and postcards you can use to recruit teams, Team Mangers, volunteers and Appraisers.  If you are interested in these please send me, or your Regional Director, a note and we would be happy to send you out a supply.


We are planning wonderful Training and Tournaments for this year and will be finalizing all of those plans at our upcoming NY-DI Board meeting at the end of this month.  For the most up to date information on Team Manager Training Workshops please check our website regularly – especially our Regional Contact and Information page!


If there is anything you need, or an idea you would like to share please don’t hesitate to contact me or your Regional Director.  We are committed to providing you with the most responsive organization on the planet! 


I wish you all a wonderful year and look forward to working with you as you begin the journey for 2003-2004!


Cre8ively Yours,

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

Destination Imagination of NY


e-mail[email protected]


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