The Solution is where the Team’s commitment and the Challenge provided by Destination Imagination come together.

Once the team has formed and selected a Challenge, the work begins. The Program Materials set out the requirements of the Challenge in detail – everything from what materials may be used and the allowed budget, to rubrics for appraising the solution. Teams meet on a regular basis, plan a course of action, and execute that plan. When the solution is complete, they have the opportunity to show off their solutions at one of our Tournaments.

Team Managers may facilitate the process, and provide or arrange for skills training, but they may not contribute to the solution in any way.

No two solutions to a Challege are the same. Each team brings its own set of talents, skills, interests and desires to the table, and the result is always unique and amazing.

It is through this solution process that the goals of Destination Imagination becomes reality.   Participants learn how to research and plan a viable solution, how to work together in collaborative teams, and how to manage their time efficiently.  They meet and overcome obstacles, gaining resiliance, confidence, and important critical thinking skills.  And all of this takes place not through the input of adults, but rather is self-generated on the part of the team.

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