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Febrary 2000






Tennessee and New Hampshire Destination Imagination programs have made a generous donation to all start-up affiliates. Because of their generosity we will be awarding trophies, medals for special awards, and ribbons to teams at our State Finals Tournament. We will also be able to pay the bill to cover our judges lunches. Our friends in NH and Tennessee deserve our thanks… after hearing that the OM Association, Inc. of New York would be recieving a generous grant this morning I sen t off the following message to the boards of both affiliates:

Dear Friends in Tennessee and New Hampshire:

On behalf of all of the fantastic teams and volunteers in New York please allow me to thank you for your generosity in donating to help start up organizations like ours provide a complete program to the children of our state.

Please know that because of your generous assistance teams from New York will receive trophies and medals at our State Tournament on March 11, 2000 that would otherwise have been impossible to provide.

With your permission, I would like to acknowledge your kindness and friendship to the children in our state by thanking you in our tournament program and on our website…. it is important for children to know that in a world too often portrayed as heartless, that they have ‘friends’ in NH and Tenn. with extra large hearts and hands ready to help! Please let me know if this type of acknowledgement is acceptable to your organizations.

As our kids have the chance to meet each other at D2K do not be surprised to hear the loudest cheering for YOUR teams coming from us in New York……


Most Sincerely Yours,

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

OM Association, Inc. of New York

Proud Sponsors of Destination Imagination

Please take a moment to visit the New Hampshire website at: http://www.nhom.org/ and the Tennessee website at: http://www.tnom.org/ and drop a note to these great folks to say thanks!


We have also heard from our friends at CLARKSON U. that they will be sending 3 teams to compete in the Collegiate Level at the Global D2K Tournament – we welcome them to our New York team enthusiastically! Some of these great college kids will be attending our State Tournament on 3/11…. if you see them take a moment to tell them how happy we are to have them with us!



1) Each of you should be checking our state website at least weekly for the latest up-to-date information about Destination Imagination in New York. You can access our website homepage at http://nydi.org

2) Every team should be checking the Destination Imagination website at least weekly for current Challenge Clarifications. You can access the DI website from the MAIN MENU on our state w ebsite homepage, or of course you can access it directly at www.dini.org The deadline for asking clarif ications is February 15, 2000!

3) Your National and State membership fees were due by 1/15/00. If you have not taken care of this you need to do it TODAY!

4) TEAM CHEER ads for our State Tournament program are due no later than 2/15/00 to be included in the tournament program. You can access information about these ads, and an order form at our website by scrolling down on the homepage to the LATEST NEWS section and clicking on “Looking for a way to raise funds for your membership? Click here!”. This information was included in our November Newsletter.

5) For those who ordered the special limited edition DI Pins, the pins were mailed out this week and you should have them shortly!

6) We are taking PRE-ORDERS on New York State DI Pins until 2/15/00. Pins are available for pick-up at the state tournament or for shipping. GUARANTEE your team will not be disappointed by pre-ordering your pins now! While we will be pl acing an additional pin order after the tournament for those teams advancing to Destination Imagination International Finals, if your team wants pins on State tournament day you should consider pre-order….we will have a limited number of pins available for sale at the tournament. To order pins (and see our pin designs) go to the website homepage, scroll down to the LATEST NEWS section of the page and click on “CLICK HERE TO PREORDER YOUR NEW YORK DI PINS!”

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional program information, or if you have difficulty accessing any program materials or information on this website, or on the Destination Imagination™ site. I can mail or fax i nformation and forms directly to you.

Once again, I’d like to thank each of you for your support and for working to offer this outstanding educational opportunity to New York students. The Destination Imagination™ program helps students learn skills for life. These sk ills can help students improve their classroom performance and help them become more productive and involved members of their schools and communities. By fostering an environment that encourages creative problem solving, confidence, team-work, and excelle nce, you are helping to make the world a better place for today’s students and the generations that will follow them.

I know that all of us are getting excited and tired during the home stretch — my best wishes to each of you for your teams…..may every team amaze and delight every judge…..may all our challenges be met with creativity — and most of all may each team member discover a new sense of pride and accomplishment during this tournament season.

A Plea for help…..

In preparation for next year (I can hear you all groaning now!!!) I would ask that each of you consider taking on a critical role within our fledgling State organization. We are in need of board members representing each area of our state, as well as a State Tournament Director. We very much want to have a “real” State Tournament in 2001 but this can only happen when we have more dedicated volunteers to assist in making this a reality — I cannot do all of it alone and am asking YOU to consider how you can help make our organization grow and flourish in the coming years….. if you are willing to take on a role within our organization please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

73 Minden Drive

Orchard Park, New York 14127

Telephone (716) 675-7566

e-mail: [email protected]

This page was last updated on 2/10/2000

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