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January Director’s message






As we start the New Year let me first take a moment to wish everyone a most creative, healthy and happy year….



·        January 15, 2001 is the deadline for New York State memberships, if you have not yet processed your State membership you should expedite that paperwork now.   You can print out the New York membership form at


·        Remember that in order to compete in New York you need to be a member of the International Destination Imagination program.  If you need a copy of the membership form click here.


·        Western Region teams must complete and return a team registration form in order to participate in our Regional Tournament. The registration from can be found in the December Newsletter.  Also, make sure your membership has contracted with BOCES2 for our regional service, you can contact Debby Farnham at BOCES2 by calling 1-800-228-1184. Central and Eastern Region members should check with their Regional Director regarding registration in your area.  To send e-mail to Chris Lucas, Eastern Regional Director click here, to send e-mail to Gail Hunt & Tami Rigling, Central Regional Co-Directors click the name.


·        Your team should be checking for Clarifications at least weekly at this point in the season.  To check for current Challenge Clarificationsclick here.  There is still time to request a clarification should your team need one, the deadline for requesting a clarification is 2/15/01.  You will need your membership passport number in order to request a clarification, if you do not know your number contact Dee Urban.


·        Destination Imagination™ has published a great new CD-ROM cantaining 14 performance-based and 11 task-based instant challenges to practice with your team(2). Order your CD today!

And remember… you are not alone!  If you need help, your Regional Director and I are here to lend a willing ear, help brainstorm, offer support and materials and answer your questions.  Don’t hesitate to call when you need to…


Wishing you the very best…

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

Destination Imagination of New York

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