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June 2000 Issue

1999-2000 Destination Imagination Season …

Global Finals Report

Society is obsessed with that one right answer – the one that will land us the job, ace the test, win us a million dollars. But how valuable is creativity and divergent thought — the skill that helps us find more than one solution to a problem? And how much more valuable if you combine teamwork and problem solving to the mix?

That’s the question that was on the minds of nearly 8,000 kids, on 750 teams who competed in the Destination Imagination™ Global Finals. May 24-27, 2000, at Iowa State University in Ames, IA, Destination 2000, or D2K, is the culminating event in the world’s largest, not-for-profit creativity and problem-solving program.

“A society that rewards and encourages creativity, teamwork and problem solving has to be a more open-minded and tolerant society,” said Bob Purifico, executive director of the OM Association, Inc., proud sponsors of the Destination Imagination program. “That’s what is at the heart of our program.” But don’t try telling that to the thousands of kids around the world who participated in this year’s challenges. To them, it’s creativity, problem solving and teamwork, all in the name of fun.

Destination Imagination is a school and community based program that offers kids the chance to develop problem-solving skills they will use in both their professional and personal lives. Beginning in September, teams of 5 to 7 kids ranging in age from kindergarten through college chose one of six team challenges. Honing a unique and creative solution takes weeks and sometimes months, and draws on talents that range from artistic to technical. This year’s challenges were:

It’s Not Impastable! This challenge includes building a structure made entirely of pasta and glue which supports weight. The weight must be applied in an off-center manner, and the team is scored on the efficiency of the structure (i.e., amount of weight supported compared to weight of structure itself). An artistic performance for the presentation of the solution is also required.

Fruit Roller Coaster. This challenges teams to design a roller coaster for tennis balls that moves the balls through the course as quickly as possible. There are several required “thrill” events (loops, jumps) and a team-designed thrill event. Teams must present in an artistic performance.

Mixing Apples and Oranges. This challenge requires team members to tell an original story about an unusual adoption between two different species. The story should include examples of parenting challenges and the presentation of a baby book or visual record of the young one’s important milestones.

If Music Be the Food of Life, Play On! This team’s challenge is to create a musical performance that tells a story or creates a mood – completely without the use of written or spoken language! The team’s non-verbal performance will include an original musical instrument that will be evaluated on its technical merits.

Eggsploration. This obstacle course challenge pits eggs against gravity, as teams create a course that includes scaling a wall, crossing a gap, and being passed through a moving device, as well as two additional, team-designed obstacles. Five eggs must move through the course unharmed, and the presentation must include an artistic performance.

Instant Pudding Improv. Each team will be given a list of 12 famous people and 12 places and time in history to research, as well as a list of 10 props to bring to the tournament. When they arrive, the team will be given ½ hour to prepare a performance based a story that will involve only one of the people, places, and time.

Destination Imagination is a program of OM Association, Inc. This is the 18th worldwide creativity tournament sponsored by OM Association, Inc. For more information, visit our International website at



Team NY Results

The New York State Team distinguished itself at the Destination Imagination Global Finals held in Ames, Iowa, May 24th through 28th, 2000. A complete listing of Global Finals Scores can be accessed through our State Web-site at:

Below is a listing of all New York State Teams and their rankings at Global Finals. We want to congratulate each of the teams for a job well done!

It’s Not Impastable

Elementary –

Brookside Elementary, Yorktown Hts – 20th Place

Intermediate –

DeRuyter Elementary, DeRuyter – 36th Place

Collegiate –

Clarkson University – 4th Place

Fruit Roller Coaster

Elementary –

Ellicott Elementary, Orchard Park – 22nd Place

Intermediate –

JT Waugh Intermediate School, Angola – 36th Place

Secondary –

Orchard Park HS, Orchard Park – 28th Place

Collegiate –

Clarkson University – 4th Place

Mixing Apples & Oranges Elementary –

Ellicott Elementary, Orchard Park – 5th Place

Intermediate –

Mildred E. Strang Middle School, Yorktown Hts. – 9th Place

If Music Be the Food of Life… Play On!

Elementary –

Somers Intermediate School, Somers – 2nd Place

Intermediate –

Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School, Croton-On-Hudson – 7th Place


Elementary –

South Davis Elementary, Orchard Park – 2nd Place

Intermediate –

Mildred E. Strang Middle School, Yorktown Hts. – 6th Place

Collegiate –

Clarkson University – 2nd Place

Instant Pudding Improv

Elementary –

Springhurst School, Dobbs Ferry – 7th Place

Intermediate –

Orchard Park Middle School, Orchard Park – 9th Place

Secondary –

Orchard Park High School, Orchard Park – 25th Place

Complete scores from D2K can be accessed at our State Website



What is


Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving program that teaches children life skills like creativity, problem solving and teamwork. Through our school and community-based “Team Challenges” program, kids from kindergarten through college-age have the opportunity to work together, learning to problem solve, think creatively and have fun.



Who participates in


Affiliate memberships are open to schools, communities and individuals around the world. Current, Destination Imagination supports 53 affiliates and memberships in 49 states and 15 countries around the world.



What is D2K, or Global Finals?

Destination 2000, this year’s Global Finals, is a four-day event that gives teams an opportunity to compare their creative solutions to six mind-boggling challenges. In addition to the tournament, it’s a great social opportunity for kids to meet others from around the country and around the world. The event includes Opening and Award Ceremonies, a team managers’ and officials’ competition that turns the tables on coaches and judges, a special Best Buy concert featuring up and coming rock star Christian Davis, a graduation ceremony for all graduating seniors missing their own graduations, a special “Really Big Duct Tape Thing” event that offers kids to develop a tribute to the weeks events and finally the always interesting and social activity of pin trading.



How many people participate in D2K?

This year, Iowa State University is the host to D2K, which includes:


  • 740 teams, with nearly 8,000 kids participating



  • 7,000 additional people, including supporters, parents, officials and other guests, for a total population of 15,000



  • 400 judges and officials


Nine countries are represented, including: The US, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Denmark, United Kingdom, Brazil, Peru, and Korea.



How about trying some new DESTINATIONS this Fall?

Now Presenting:

PREVIEWS of our Challenges for 2001!

All Challenges are offered to all Levels!

Challenge A:

How about creating a mystery??

Do you love a good mystery? In this Challenge, you create your own thriller! By unraveling clues like Sherlock Holmes, collecting facts like Nancy Drew, and using high-tech communicators like James Bond, your team is to weave a puzzling mystery of suspense and intrigue with a not-so-obvious solution. This Challenge further requires that the team perform its own scientific investigation and utilize a special communication device (designed and constructed by the team) to transmit important information over a distance — information that will help lead you to the solution of the mystery. Grab your magnifying glass, flip open your notebook and let the investigation begin!

Challenge B:

How about building a 3-PART STRUCTURE and see how it STACKS up?

How will your team’s creativity stack up? Get out your mat knives, rulers, and scales, ‘cause this Challenge calls for a team-designed stacking STRUCTURE with three parts: One part will be made of balsa wood and glue, a second with paper and glue, and a third with balsa wood, paper and glue! This stacked structure will be scored by comparing the amount of weight the structure supports to how much the structure weighs. But that’s only part of this Challenge! Teams will be challenged to develop a performance in which the stacking of the three sections is interwoven into their presentation.

Challenge C:

How about unveiling ‘Anonymous’?

Dear Friend,

Today, I leave you a work from my heart. Many others like me have left treasures for the ages: poems, sayings, colorful pieces of pottery, tunes, lullabies, folk tales, jewelry, folk dances, a painting, an unsigned sculpture… so I leave you this, my memento, to cherish and enjoy.

Find my work, and craft a presentation about my life: the culture and times in which I lived and how my creation came to be. As I emerge from the shadows of time, much about me will be revealed…. but alas, until such time, I remain . . .

Anonymously yours.

Challenge D:

How about some Improvisation?

Question: When is a Destination Imaginationtm presentation like a thrill ride?

Answer: When the presentation is IMPROVISED !

In the Improvisational Challenge, the team’s enjoyment comes from racing the clock and creating a whirlwind performance! Being a part of this Challenge is always a thrill, because the energy and excitement is provided by the team’s bursts of creativity. For this Challenge, there is a certain amount of preparation the team can do ahead of time by preparing research notes on selected InnovatorsCultural Performers, and Important World Landmarks. But they can’t prepare their solution – that doesn’t happen until they reach the Tournament! At the Tournament, the team will randomly choose only one of the Innovators, one of the Entertainers, and one of the Important Landmarks – and just to make it more of a Challenge, they will also receive oneScenario which includes an activity, AND one Surprising Turn of Events. Then, in just 30 minutes, the team is expected to combine these elements into a skit! One final Improvisational element is added one minute before the team steps on stage: At that moment the team will receive a randomly-selected Character Development card, specifying a change in the behavior or the personality of the Innovator. The team takes the stage with no additional practice, integrating all of these elements (Innovator, Entertainer, Landmark, Scenario and Character Development) into a unique, humorous improvisational performance. Sound like a Challenge? Then this one is for you!

Challenge E:

How about creating a GHOST STORY?

Every culture has tales of ghosts, apparitions, and things that go bump in the night. These stories have inspired productions on stage and screen, and by using the technology of Special Effects, they have been brought to life – making the unbelievable seem real – like objects floating across a room or things disappearing before your eyes. The team begins this Challenge by researching and investigating ghost stories from many cultures as well as the technology of Special Effects – such as the use of simple machines, electronics, mechanics, optics, or other more complex systems. Using this information, the team creates an original ghost tale including a ghost or apparition that will have a positive impact on someone or something during the presentation. Additionally, the team must incorporate four technical Special Effects to enhance the performance of their tale. The emphasis of this Challenge is on the upbeat fun of Special Effects; Teams must understand that the performance is for viewing by all ages.



The DI Timeline

Many memberships have asked for a step-by-step guide for membership in the DI program. The following is the recommended timeline for taking care of DI membership forms and fees.

Regional Membership:

Each of the three New York Regions has it’s own requirements and timelines. Please contact your State Director, Dee Urban (716) 675-7566 for information regarding your region.


In the Western Region:

BOCES 2 asks that each school considering participating in the Destination Imagination program for the 2000-2001 school year complete a service contract indicating the number of teams anticipated. Questions regarding your BOCES service contract, or cross contract can be directed to Debby Farnham at BOCES2 (1-800-228-1184). Initial service contracts should be complete by before July 1, 2000. Regional Membership deadline will be 1/1/01. You should notify your school’s business office to complete an initial service agreement with BOCES 2 in the next two weeks. It is critical to the ongoing operation of the program that these service agreements be completed in a timely manner. The initial service agreement may be adjusted at a later date to accurately reflect the number of teams your school will field.

InterNational DI Membership:

Membership in Destination Imagination. is accomplished by sending the InterNational Membership form (included in this Newsletter, and on the state and international web-sites on the internet) along with a check or purchase order. Your membership allows you to field one team per challenge and age level housed within your school. The membership deadline is March 1, 2001.

You will want to take care of your National Membership before the end of this school year to assure early receipt of the problems, rulebooks, curricula, and handbooks in the 2000-2001 school year.

NY State DI Membership:

Membership in our State organization is accomplished by sending in the State Membership form (included on the state web-site on the internet and this Newsletter) along with a check for the membership fee. Your membership allows you to field one team per challenge and age level housed within your school. Memberships must be paid by January 15, 2001. The membership deadline is March 1, 2001.

While each of the three sanctioning agencies will accept late memberships, it is to your schools benefit to take care of this aspect of your budget planning for the 2000-2001 school year before the summer break.



Wrapping up the Season

Summer is a wonderful time to relax and to enjoy some fun activities that can continue towards your “Destination Imagination”…. consider taking a class or summer workshop in drama, theater, or art….work on instant challenge problem solving as a game with friends (remember all of the materials in our Lending Library are available through the summer months!)….choose a Challenge you have not tried and give it a go! While this DI season is over, your journey in life long learning is never ended….


Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

73 Minden Drive

Orchard Park, New York


phone: 716-675-7566

e-mail: [email protected]


Click here for the DestinationImaginationTM

International 2000-2001 Membership form






One state membership must be purchased for each national membership in order to compete at any level. National (and state) memberships are defined according to the following categories.

A. Individual Schools: Public, private, parochial or chartered school

B. Small School District or Multiple school campus: total enrollment of 500 students or less

C. Certified Home School Program

D. Community Organization: Non-profit organizations or groups that sponsor education activities for youth.

E. University/College/Military

Please check the National Membership Form for the definition of competitive levels. 

Complete one form for each membership copy this form as needed:

School District:________________________________________________________________________

Membership Category:______________________ Grades in Building________________________

Membership Name:____________________________________________________________________


City___________________________________Zip code:__________________ County_______________

NY Region (check one) ÿ EAST ÿ CENTRAL ÿ WEST

Work phone: _____________________________ Home phone:_________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________________

A check for $45.00 per membership should be made payable to BOCES 2 and is due by January 15, 2001. No memberships will be accepted or processed after February 15, 2001.

Mail to:
Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

OM Association, Inc. of New York

73 Minden Drive

Orchard Park, New York 14127


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