June 2001

Director’s Message

Wrapping up the 2000-2001 Season!



CONGRATULATIONS! What a fantastic year we all had!  All three of our regions boasted incredible tournaments with outstanding creativity evident everywhere!  Team New York went off and  WOWed everyone at D2k.1 and came back excited to face a new season of challenges ahead.  For the compete scores from D2k.1 go to: 

http://d2k1.globalfinals.org/  To view the results of just our fabulous New York team go to nydi.org/d2k1nyresults.htm  and for pictures of Team New York at d2k.1 click here nydi.org/d2k1photos.htm


I’m writing to you today to tell you about some exciting developments in the Destination Imagination program for this upcoming year!


Previews of the 2001-2002 Challenges are available at our website at 2001-02 Challenge Previews


Of course I invite you to browse our entire website for information about our wonderful program at our new address:  www.nydi.org   the old address (http://bfn.org/~nydi) will continue to work indefinitely but now our new program and our URL finally match!


Also new on our website are two other important documents – the 2001-2002 National Passport Membership Application and our new 2001-2002 NY State Membership Application – you can access both at: http://nydi.org/hqmemb.htm


When you see the new applications you will note some very EXCITING changes in membership options!  First, I am VERY happy to tell you that membership can now be attained by ANY youth group – boy or girl scout troops, YMCA groups, church groups, PTO/PTAs, crafts clubs, sports teams, any group you can imagine can now field teams to participate in our program! Additionally, seven students may purchase a team membership without any affiliation to another group!  For years we have all wanted to make the benefits of our program available to a wider number of students than our schools alone could support – these new membership options will allow any seven students to find a sponsoring organization/business, or sponsor themselves and participate in our program along with our traditional school memberships!  We hope this will take the burden off many schools who would love to make the benefits of our program available to the students within their districts but who are unable to do so as a result of budgetary constraints!  Please read the membership applications carefully.


Also new is the fact that our membership base has changed from a ‘per school building’ base to a ‘per team’ base.  Basing membership on the team will allow your Regional, State and National organizations to contact those working directly with teams more quickly and efficiently facilitating the flow of information to those who need it rather than going through channels. In recognition that some of our larger memberships which field many teams might be financially adversely affected by a change to a per team membership, the national and state organizations have made a “Value 5-pack” available so 5 teams may be purchased at a reduced rate.


Also new, and VERY EXCITING, is that teams may now select any Challenge in which they wish to compete with NO LIMITATIONS!  What does that mean?  Well, this past year if your membership wanted to have more than one “Mystery Loves Company” team at the elementary level they were required to purchase a second membership – in the coming year a membership may field teams in ANY CHALLENGE at ANY LEVEL with no restrictions – if your school/group wants to have 5 elementary level teams taking on the same challenge they may do so at no additional cost beyond the 5-pack membership!


For 2001-2002 EVERY membership will receive a packet of materials – hours of downloading off the internet are a thing of the past!  In each packet each team membership (with it’s own unique passport number for each team!) will get printed information and a computer CD-ROM containing the Challenges and Guides for the year.


Tournament information is being finalized and will shortly be posted to the homepage of our website (www.nydi.org) – keep an eye on our website throughout the summer for important information!


If you have any questions, or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact me or your Regional Director, we stand ready to help you at any time and look forward to working with each of you in the coming season…..


Creatively yours….

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

Destination Imagination of New York

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