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If you are participating in our Western Regional Tournament you MUST  contact Dee as soon as possible with your TEAM REGISTRATIONthe form was included in the December Newsletter and is on line at  Memberships in the Eastern and Central Regions should contact their Regional Director and make sure their team is registered for their tournament!


If you are participating in our Western Regional Tournament and you want to put a TEAM CHEER AD  into our Tournament program book the deadline for submission of ads in 2/15/02.  For more information on Team Cheer Ads check on our website at  Team Cheer Ads for the State Tournament program booklet will be accepted until April 1, 2002.


I expect that our Challenge Pins will be delivered shortly and I will mail them out as soon as I can once received.  If you ordered Challenge Pins this year I thank you for your patience.


Wonderful items will be on sale at each of the regional tournaments in New York (Central Region will be doing pre-order only).  Watch the New York Website for information regarding the exciting items and prices!


You should be checking for Clarifications at least weekly at this point in the season and remember that the deadline for asking Clarification questions is fast approaching – if you were waiting to the last minute to ask something do it now!


The Tournament Travel Guide for Teams is now available at:  Your team should read this document so they know what to expect when they get to their tournament.


You are NEVER alone!  Your Regional Directors, and I , stand ready to assist you and your team have the best possible experience.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything!  You can find contact information for each of the regional directors and myself on our website at


With best wishes for a successful journey,

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

(716) 675-7566

e-mail: [email protected]





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