Directors Message 10/11/01








Hi Everyone!

I’m writing to you today to let you know that there are already two clarifications posted on the international website for “It’s Your Move” – you can get to the clarifications by following the link on our state website homepage at or you can go directly to the national website clarifications page at

I would suggest that you get into the habit of checking for new clarifications weekly!

Remember – in order to request a clarification you MUST be a member of  Destination Imagination and have a valid passport number.  This is also the ONLY way to get the Challenges on CD-ROM!  Please make sure you are processing your memberships with BOTH the international organization (headquartered in New Jersey) and with our NY State affiliate – the membership applications are available at our website at

While I have your attention let me remind you that our October Newsletter is now available at our state website – the October Newsletter will NOT be mailed in order to cut down on our costs – the November newsletter will be mailed to all memberships as well as being available on the website.  You can read the October Newsletter on-line at   — this is a PDF file and requires that the ACROBAT READER be installed on your system in order to read it, if you need the reader you can download it FREE from our website.

Also on our website is the TEAM CHEER tournament program advertising fundraiser information and order sheet.  Please read the information and participate in this wonderful way to wish your team luck at a tournament AND raise funds for the team and our state affiliate as well!  You can access the TEAM CHEER information at the home page of our website or directly at

Finally, check out the Regional information page of our website  for the latest information about training opportunities in your region.  You will also find contact information for each of the Regional Directors on this page as well as information about how you can contact me.  I know I speak for each of the RDs when I say that we are here to serve YOU and your teams!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you need information, training, a shoulder to cry on, or a willing ear….. we are here to celebrate with you and to share frustrations with you along the way …. in Destination Imagination of New York you are NEVER alone!

Cre8ively Yours,

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director
Destination Imagination of New York


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