Dee Urban is retiring as the Affiliate and Western Region Director of Destination Imagination of New York (NYDI). Dee has been the leader and face of Destination Imagination (DI) across New York State for the past twelve years. Dee knows how this program develops the skills in participants to successfully set the course and navigate their futures. Dee’s mantra is “for the kids”. Her focus is always on providing the highest quality experience for the students. Fortunately for NYDI, Dee will continue to volunteer for the program. Dee will serve on the Board of Trustees (BOT) and as the Affiliate Training Director. NYDI is lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer who will continue to contribute to the “kids” of NYDI. Her leadership will be missed, but her wealth of experience/knowledge and enthusiasm will still be supporting NYDI.

A wonderful appreciation of Dee (and her husband Bruce) appeared in this year’s Global Finals News.

Jan Simone is retiring as the Central Region Director, Affiliate Tournament Director and Chair of the BOT. Jan has been instrumental to NYDI. Jan coordinated the BOT efforts, developed the Central Region, and organized the NYDI Affiliate Tournaments. Jan further demonstrates her devotion to NYDI by continuing to serve on the BOT after her retirement from these roles.

The words “Thank You” cannot begin to express the gratitude that is due to Dee and Jan for all their efforts. As they retire from their positions, the NYDI community thanks them for their years of dedication and effort “for the kids”. One cannot begin to estimate the magnitude of the impact that their efforts have facilitated for the thousands of students who have participated in NYDI.


Cheryl Druding has been appointed the Affiliate Director. Cheryl has previous DI experience as a team manager, appraiser, NYDI Challenge Master, and BOT member.

Molly Gawura has been appointed as the Western Region Director. Molly is a NYDI alumna. Molly has experience as an appraiser and NYDI Challenge Master.

Bruce Urban has been elected as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Bruce’s DI experience starts with the development of the DI program; he was part of the team that created the first set of Challenges. He has served in numerous capacities over the years. At the International DI level alone, Bruce has volunteered as a DI Inc. BOT member, International Challenge Master, and Challenge Writer. He has been a NYDI Challenge Master and BOT member.

Joshua Diamond has been appointed Webmaster. Joshua has DI experience as a team manager.

Mike Druding has been appointed Treasurer. Mike has DI experience as a team manager, appraiser, and NYDI Challenge Master.

Soon the 2012-2013 DI Challenges will be released and the teams will be forming and storming. NYDI is ready, staffed with wonderful volunteers (new and existing) to deliver the DI experience. Many thanks are extended to every NYDI volunteer, team manager to director!

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