Cheryl Druding is retiring from her position as Affiliate Director, due to a family relocation to Portland, Oregon. Having started in DI in 1999, she has managed over 20 teams, appraised at every level (including Global Finals), been an NYDI Challenge Master, and served as an NYDI board member, before ultimately taking on the role of Affiliate Director. She has been a dynamic and effective leader, keeping the program strong and growing despite external forces which made that difficult. Her boundless energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment will be missed.

We wish Cheryl and her husband Mike great success in their future endeavours!


Sue Brailey has been appointed Affiliate Director. Sue’s first involvement in DI was as a team parent in 2000. Since then she has appraised at regional, state and Global Finals level, participated in NYDI marketing efforts, and served on the NYDI pin committee. Outside of DI, Sue is a an environmental attorney. We welcome Sue to her new role with NYDI!

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