Dawn DiCicco Dawn DiCicco has been appointed to be co-chair of the NYDI Board of Trustees, serving as a partner with the other co-chair, Drew Coburn. An alumna of Massachusetts DI, she has served in variety of positions including Team Manager, School Coordinator, Appraiser, Challenge Master and Affiliate Alumni Coordinator, both in Massachusetts and New York DI. Dawn is also a member of Destination Imagination’s Alumni Ambassador Council, where she works with DI headquarters on international alumni engagement and retention.

Dawn’s appointment as co-chair is part of NYDI’s ongoing committment to bring young professionals who alumni of the program into leadership roles. We look forward to further growth of the NYDI program as Dawn assumes her new role.


Julia KumpfJulia Kumpf, has resigned from the NYDI Board of Trustees, having moved out of state, to Massachusetts, where she is pursuing a career in teaching science. We thank Julia for her years of service on the Board, for being an amazing Appraiser, and for serving as Central Regional Director. We also which her success in all of her future endeavours, and hope that she will continue to be involved in Destination Imagination in her new community.

Abby GoldmanAbby Goldman, has resigned from her position as Central Regional Director. We wish Abby good luck in her professional and personal endeavours, and thank her for her years of service to NYDI as Regional Director and Affiliate Growth Director.

Interim responsibility for the Central Region has been assumed by Jon Brennan, Western Regional Director.


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