Destination Imagination has several types of events throughout the year to support and celebrate the creativity and teamwork exemplified by our Teams and Team Managers.


Training Events

For Team Managers

Team Manager Training
Held in early Fall, this is an in-person training session for both rookie and veteran Team Managers.
Team Manager Webinars
Held roughly twice monthly throughout the season, these are specialized sessions covering a specific topic of interest to Team Managers.

For Teams

Instant Challenge Fiestas
Held in January or February, Instant Challenge Fiestas are non-competitive events where teams solve multiple Instant Challenges in a Tournament-like environment. They receive honest constructive feedback from our experienced appraisers about what is working well, and about areas that require improvement in order for the team to excel at Tournament. Please note that the Fiesta is not a spectator event; only Team Members, Team Managers, and Fiesta volunteers may attend.

See our Calendar for a list of training events.


All of our Tournaments are celebrations of creativity in which teams present their solution to one of our Challenges in front of a supportive audience and a team of experienced Appraisers. Teams at the Tournament also solve an Instant Challenge. Teams are not competing against one another; rather they are competing against the Challenge itself. It is our philosophy that any team that presents a solution at the Tournament is a winner! Rising Stars teams are non-competitive; they receive feedback from the appraisers, but are not ranked. Competitive teams are ranked and medals are awarded to the top three ranks of teams in each Challenge and Level. Additionally, various Special Awards are often awarded for exceptional solutions or teamwork.

Regional Tournament
All teams are invited to attend a local Regional Tournament (usually held in March) and present their solution. See your Calendar to find out when and where your Regional Tournament will take place.
Affiliate Tournament
Our state finals, the Affiliate Tournament, takes place each spring, usually in early April. Competitive teams that achieve 1st or 2nd place in their Challenge / Level at a Regional Tournament (including ties), or who meet the requirements of our wildcard rule (winning one performance category and scoring within 10 points of an advancing team), are invited to attend and present their solutions.
Global Finals
The ultimate international creativity and teamwork showdown, Global Finals, takes place each year in late May. The top teams from all over the world come together for a 4 day celebration and Tournament. Rules for advancing to Global Finals are announced each year in early spring (usually the top two ranks of teams from our Affiliate Tournament are invited to participate, but this varies year-to-year).

See our Calendar for a list of upcoming Tournaments.

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