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Ready to get your DI team started but still have questions on the logistics and cost? Please review the information below and learn more about how to form a team here!

How Much Does DI Cost?

On average, DI teams spend about $150 per student to participate at the local level. This includes purchasing their Team Kit, as well as materials (props, costumes, supplies) to create their solution for a Regional Tournament. If your team is sponsored by a school, this cost may be covered in part by the school.

Team Pricing Varies by Grade Level:

Grade Level:Grades K-2Grades 3-12 & University
Team Kit / Team Number:$165$165
Affiliate Fee:$325 - $200 rebate$325
Team Manager Background Check:$25$25
Total Team Cost:$315$515
The costs listed in this table are paid once per team, not per individual student, and cover:
  • Destination Imagination, Inc. membership
  • New York Affiliate (state) membership
  • New York Regional membership
  • DI Program Materials
  • Team Manager training
  • Mentoring for new Team Managers
  • Regional Tournament registration
  • Affiliate Tournament registration (if the team advances past Regional level)

Need Financial Assistance?
See below for more information. 

Additional Costs to Keep in Mind

In addition to team registration fees, DI teams that hope to compete at the Regional, Affiliate, and Global levels (if they advance) should plan for the following costs:

Challenge Materials: Approximately $150 - $250
Each Challenge has a maximum cost allowed for the materials which are used in the solution itself. The exact amount varies depending upon the Challenge.

Since the team’s budget only includes what is used in the solution presented at the tournament, teams may have additional material experiences including prototypes, practice Instant Challenge materials, and transportation to and from meetings and tournaments.

What if I need financial assistance?

We believe every student should have access to DI and we’re here to help if your team needs support purchasing your Team Kit and supplies. Please click here to apply for financial assistance. You can also fundraise for your team (with a garage sale, bake sale, or other creative approach)! Here are some great DI fundraising ideas that have worked well for other teams.

How can I financially support other NYDI teams?

Financial assistance is made possible by the generous support of our donors. If you’re able, you can donate one time or monthly to help fund DI teams in need!

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