There are five steps to getting your teams set up to present their solutions at the Regional Tournament, or attend an I/C Fiesta:

1. Purchase team membership:

Your region page on this website has instructions on how to start the process by purchasing team memberships. The process differs by region. It must be completed before proceeding to the next step.

2. Update organizational data:

Once you have your team memberships (and team numbers) you should receive an email indicating that your teams are available in the registration system, accessible at

This is a good time to check that your organizational information is correct.  See the Organizations and Schools tabs to view and update your information.  It is possible here to add schools, and update contact information.

3. Identify team managers:

As a coordinator, you should see all of the teams in your organization (or school, if you are a school-level coordinator) on the Teams tab.  Entering all of your teams’ data is a tedious task, so we have provided a way for you to delegate that task to your team managers:

  • Click the Register button for the team 
  • Use Add New Team Manager to record the team managers info including their email address.  Fill in the information you have about the manager, being sure to include at least the name and email address.   Date of birth, phone, etc. can be left blank for now.
  • You can also enter whatever information you already have about the team (e.g. Level or Challenge).
  • Then go ahead and click Submit Team Registration, ignoring any required field warnings or other warnings about the team. 
  • On the next screen you will again see warnings that team info is incomplete. That’s OK, for now. 
  • Click on Save without Registering on the next page. 
  • The Team Managers you specified are now set up as authorized persons for the team, and will automatically be sent an invitation email to complete the remaining registration and enrollment steps. 

4. Register teams:

Registering is how you tell us who is on a team, at what level they will be participating, and which challenge they will be solving.

  • You can access team registration by finding your team on the Teams tab and clicking on the Register button. 
  • To complete the registration step you need to provide your team details, including: 
    • School 
    • Challenge 
    • Level 
    • Team Members (can add more / edit later) 
    • Team Managers (can be edited later) 
  • Team Name is optional. It can be added later. 
  • Once your data is complete, click Submit Team Registration to validate your data. 
  • On the next page, click Finalize Registration to complete the process. 
  • You can now Continue to Enrollment (see below) or Return to Team List.

5. Enroll teams in events:

Event enrollment is how you tell us which teams will participate in which events, such as as Instant Challenge Fiesta or a Regional Tournament.
  • You can access team registration by finding your team on the Teams tab and clicking on the Enroll button, or by doing Continue to Enrollment after completing team registration (above). 
  • To complete the enrollment step: 
    • Select an event from the drop-down list. 
    • Some events require specifying a requested time slot 
    • Different event have varying requirement for teams to provide Appraisers and/or Volunteers. 
    • If you have special requests, please give a detailed explanation. 
  • Once your data is complete, click Submit Enrollment to validate your data. 
  • On the next page, click Finalize Enrollment to complete the process. 
  • You can now Return to Team List or Enroll in Another Event.

Thank You!

We hope that this “cheat sheet” helps you in your task as coordinators! 

If you have any technical questions about the registration system, or encounter any difficulty, feel free to contact the NYDI webmaster directly at [email protected].  Non-technical questions should be directed to your regional director.

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