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February 2001

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Directors message


Several IMPORTANT reminders!


v     Don’t forget to register for your Regional Tournament!  Several memberships have not yet taken care of this, we cannot schedule your team, print certificates of participation, or finalize our tournament programs without this VITAL information!


v     Remember to check the Clarifications pages often!  Your team is responsible for being aware of all clarifications posted for your challenge.  Don’t skip this important step!  You can also request clarifications for your team.  To do so, you must establish a clarifications account using your passport number.  Follow the instructions on the clarifications page.  The deadline for requesting clarifications is Feb. 15th!


v     Team Managers, try to practice Instant Challenges at every team meeting.  Instant Challenges are fun and they help your team learn to work together more effectively.  Visit our Resources page for links to FREE Instant Challenge sites on the web.  You can also purchase an Instant Challenge CD-ROM from Destination Imagination.  Click here for more details.


v     WESTERN REGION TEAMS – the deadline for TEAM CHEER ads in our tournament program is 2/15/01! This is a Great fundraiser for your team and a fantastic way to wish your team good luck, thank your Team Manager and parents, or just send words of encouragement!


v     Prepare your team for tournament by reviewing with them the tournament procedures for Instant Challenge and your selected team challenge.  Follow these links to view the procedures:
Instant Challenge    Mystery Loves Company    Triplicity
Anonymously Yours    DInamic Improv    IncreDIble Tech Effects


v  The Tournament Travel Guide for Teams is now available, you will need the Acrobat Reader to view and print this helpful document!  You can obtain the Acrobat Reader on our Web Resources page.  Get this important guide to the Tournament TODAY!


v     And, last, but certainly not least, REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!  As tournament day approaches, many teams experience the crunch of trying to complete their solution, and this can cause frustration and anxiety for team members and team managers.  Take time to play as a team.  Destination Imagination is about having FUN while learning to work together and express ourselves creatively.  Have a movie night, go to a park, play a game – do something to unwind and just enjoy being together!


Creatively Yours,

Dee Urban 
Affiliate Director




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