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As we plan for the year……


Please check our website at for Team Manager Trainings, Workshops and Regional Tournaments.  Dates and locations are filling in daily.

Our State Tournament will be in Binghamton again this year on April 24, 2004 – Union Endicott HS, Endicott, NY.

Global Finals will be May 26, – May 29, 2004 – University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  As you can see there is a short time frame between our State Finals and Global Finals – I would strongly suggest you consider some fundraising efforts throughout the season rather than waiting until the end of the year.   It’s much better to be prepared than not!  There is a chance – and I will let you know more when I do – that we might be able to send 2 teams in each Challenge and Level once again to Global Finals – this is NOT a sure thing but it is a possibility so keep that in mind.  If you end the year at our State Finals any money you have raised can be used in the following year – or to throw a great party for your teams and Team Managers!

This past weekend your NY-DI Board of Trustees met and we have some exciting things planed for this year!

  • Every student participating in DI in our state this year will receive a special NYDI Participant pin at their Regional Tournament as a gift from the NY-DI Board.


  • Your Board of Trustees wants to equalize opportunities for all teams to advance to State Finals regardless of  the Challenge in which they compete.  So this year we are trying a pilot program – as always our top two teams (plus ties) in each Challenge and Level will advance to State Finals – but this year we will be advancing one additional team for each 10 teams participating in a particular Challenge and level.  So, if your team is one of 12 teams at your level in a Challenge – not only with the 1st and 2nd place teams advance, but now because there are more than 10 teams at that level, in that Challenge, the 3rd place team will also advance.  If there are 22 teams in that level, the 1st and 2nd place teams will advance, and an additional 2 teams (one for each 10 teams) will join them in advancing to State Finals.  We hope that this makes the opportunity for advancing more equal for those teams that select a popular Challenge.


  • The Board of Trustees knows you will join us in welcoming the following new Trustees:

Lorry Turner – Western Region

Carol Nappi – Central Region

Nikki Schlesselman – Alumni Representative


The October issue of our e-Newsletter is now available on our website, please have a look!

If there is anything your Regional Directors or I may do to assist you on your journey please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to be the most responsive organization possible and are here to serve YOU!

Cre8ively Yours,
Dee Urban, Affiliate Director
Destination Imagination of New York
e-mail: [email protected]
telephone: 716-675-7566


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