Congratulations on your decision to start a Destination Imagination team!
Here’s how to begin:

1. Get a Team Manager:

Every Destination Imagination team needs at least one adult to be a Team Manager to serve as a facilitator, to supervise for safety, and to help the team find the resources that they need to succeed.

2. Get a Team Number:

Some special cases:

    • If there is already a Destination Imagination program in your area, e.g. at your school, you should contact its organizers. If you don’t know who coordinates your program locally, please contact your REGIONAL DIRECTOR.
    • If you are an individual looking for a team to join, or don’t think you have enough team members to form a team, we can help! Visit your Region Page for more information.
    • If you are an organization or school planning to start a local Destination Imagination program which could have multiple teams, please contact your Regional Director.

If none of the above are the case, then you need to buy your Team Number (including Program Materials) and pay the NY Affiliate Fee:

Fee Paid To Competitive
Rising Stars
Team Registration / Team Number DI Inc. $110 $110
Affiliate Fee DI Inc. $325 $80
2021 Program Year Discount You! -$100  
Team Manager Background Check DI Inc. $40 $40
Total Team Fees DI Inc. $375 $230
Instant Challenge Fiesta (optional) NYDI $15 $15

For a 7-member competitive team that is an amazingly low $68 per student – and includes all of the following:


  • The Affiliate Fee pays for the operation of our events in New York, including the Regional and Affiliate Tournaments.
  • Teams may enroll in an Instant Challenge Fiesta for a modest $15 fee.
  • A $50 late fee applies to Tournament registrations after February 15.
  • There is fee flexibility for teams in need. Please contact your regional director if you think this applies to you.

There are addition costs for materials, travel, etc., especially if teams advance to higher levels of competition. Registered teams should see our Budgeting and Fundraising section for a more detailed discussion of team finances.

There are three ways to pay your fees: 

  icon mouse Purchase your Team Number online using
This is the fastest method!

All options accept payment by:

  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Wire Transfer
  icon pencil Download our Start a Team Application
Fax to: +1 (856) 881-3596 or Email to: [email protected]
  icon phone Call DI Inc. at +1 (888) 321-1503
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST)


Note: It is very important to provide your correct contact information in this step, including:

    • Organization name [for school-sponsored teams this should be your official school district name, e.g Our Village UFSD  or MyTown CSD].
    • Primary contact – should be a real person whom we can contact who knows about your DI program.
    • Please provide at least name, email address, and telephone number.

If you don’t provide complete and correct information, we will not be able to contact you, and you will not be able to register your team for the Tournament — so please double check that your information is accurate!

4. Get Trained:

We have lots of great training materials for Teams and Team Managers:

5. Get Started:

Plan your first team meeting and get your team started on solving the Challenge!
Let our great Roadmap book be your guide!

6. Register for I/C Fiesta and for the Regional Tournament:

Once your team has started meeting, you should register for an Instant Challenge Fiesta, held in January or February, and for a Regional Tournament, where the team can show off their solution, and square off against other teams. The top teams advance to the New York Affiliate Finals, and onward to Destination Imagination Global Finals.

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