Registration costs per student is comparable to or less than many other youth activities (e.g. sports teams, lessons, scouting, etc). For a Competitive team of seven students registration fees usually are less than $70 per student; for a K-2 (Rising Stars) team it is less than $25 per student. Exact fee amounts vary by region and by type of team; for exact pricing see your Region Page.

Want more detailed cost information? See your Region Page and visit Budgeting and Fundraising!

If your team is being registered through a school or other sponsoring organization, the organization may manage the registration process. Some organizations may cover the full cost of registration - while others may add additional fees to cover local costs, etc.

Our Regional Tournament is an integral part of the program, and all teams are invited to attend and present their solutions. As such, there is no additional registration fee for participation in the tournament.

Beyond the registration fees mentioned above, each Challenge has a maximum allowed solution cost, usually less than $200, which applies to the materials which make it onto the performance stage. This limited budget leads to teams being very creative in finding free or inexpensive materials.

What if our team advances?

If your team advances from the Regional Tournament to the NY Affiliate Finals there is is no additional registration fee required to participate in the tournament.

There may, however, be additional costs for travel to the tournament. Travel arrangements and their funding are the responsibility of the team and/or it's sponsoring organization.

What if we are going to Global Finals?

Teams which excel at the NY Affiliate Finals are invited to present their solutions at Global Finals, a 4 day event held in Knoxville, Tennessee in May of each year. There are significant additional registration fees, housing fees and transportation costs associated with Global Finals.

For more information, registered teams should see our Budgeting and Fundraising section for a more detailed discussion of team finances.

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