An excercise about interacting with appraisers to practice with your team:

After the performance the appraisers will come to talk to your team.

When the appraisers ask about a certain part of your solution / props / backdrop / costumes / ideas / etc., who should answer the appraiser’s question?

  1. The person the appraiser first asks
  2. The person who did the work correct answer
  3. No one – we don’t talk to appraisers

If the appraiser asks you a question you don’t know the answer to, you should?

  1. Make up an answer
  2. Consult another team member and then answer the appraiser
  3. Suggest which team member the appraiser should ask
  4. Take the appraiser to the team member that knows the most about the correct answer correct answer

Before competing, the team should?

  1. Practice talking to appraisers about their performance, props, backdrops and ideas
  2. Practice pointing out to appraisers the things the team is particularly proud of that the appraisers might not have noticed
  3. (a) and (b) correct answer
  4. Never think about what the appraisers might ask

In which portion of the tournament does the team have the opportunity to earn points:

  1. In the prep area when checking in and handing in Tournament Data Forms
  2. While waiting in the launch area to begin the performance 
  3. During the performance
  4. During the appraiser questions time immediately after the performance
  5. (c) and (d)
  6. All of the above correct answer
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