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Malinda Lindstrom,
ATD North Dakota

As a former ER nurse, I know how important it is to be prepared for ANYTHING!! On my first day of training, an ambulance radioed in that they were bringing in a trauma victim. With the details from the ambulance in mind, the nurses quickly prepared the trauma room. (This was in the OLD days before we were a full-fledged trauma center.) They set out EVERYTHING the doctor could possibly ask for according to the details of the injuries. I was SO impressed with the staff and how prepared they were. Of course, we didn’t use a lot of the supplies, but we were prepared for ANYTHING!!

So with my ER background in mind, you’ll understand why my suggestion to ALL Team Managers is to prepare an “EMERGENCY FIRST AID KIT” for your DI team. I ask my team members to generate EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong the day of competition. Then I ask a lot of “What if…” questions, and “what would we need to fix that?” I have them look at every single piece of scenery, every prop, costume, etc., and think about how they made it, and what would be required for a quick fix if something went wrong.

Duct tape isn’t always the answer. I take that back: It usually IS the answer, but I do ask, “What else could we use?” They love coming up with ideas for the First Aid Kit that other team members haven’t thought of.

Preparint the First Aid Kit is MY favorite time of the year. when it comes down to just hauling a First Aid Kit around, it meaqnse we’ve madef progress and we are down to “fixes only” and the BIG containers of supplies have gone home for good. My team also knows that the last practive before competition, the First Aid Kit is CLOSELY guarded by ME!! They know that if they take something out, it better be replaced or else…

 Here are some standard equipment suggestiong for your TEAM First Aid Kit:

  • Duct Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun / Glue Sticks
  • Sewing Kit
  • Safety Pins 
  • Scissors
  • Any hardware you may have used… screws, nuts / bolts, etc.

Team Manager First Aid Kit:

  • Tylenor / Advil
  • Band-aids
  • Kleenex
  • Extra copies of required paperwork
  • Emergency phone numbers for parents

A poster that used to hang on the ceiling in my dentist’s office said, “How can you tell me worrying doesn’t pay… everything I worry about never happens!” So, with that in mind, worry about what might happen, prepare for it, and I guarantee it won’t happen. Well, I guess it MIGHT happen, but at least you’ll be prepared, and your TEAM will know how to handle it!!

Best of luck at competition. Don’t worry, be happy, and have FUN!!

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