Congratulations on being a Team Manager!  We thank you for your commitment to bringing the Destination Imagination experience to your team.

Now that you are here, we would like to help you be the very best Team Manager you can be!

Here are the training programs and materials which are available:

Start with the…

Destination Imagination Program Materials

The Team Challenge, Rules of the Road and Roadmap should be the first stop for every Team Manager.

Team Manager Training Sessions

We present Team Manager training sessions each fall, usually in October. The sessions run for approximately 5 hours, and generally include presentations the following topics:

  • Tips for new managers
  • How to read a Challenge
  • Interference and how to avoid it
  • Creative problem solving tools
  • How to Teach Instant Challenge skills
  • Time management for teams
  • How to deal with difficult intra-team issues

To register, use the online registration system: Register for TM Training

Team Manager Webinars

In addition to the training session, we hold webinars on various topics throughout the year. These are usually announced on our web page and by email to all registered Team Managers.

Training Calendar

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DI University

Destination Imagination Inc. has created useful online training modules for Team Managers. Topics include Being a Team Manager, Rules of the Road, and Interference. The modules can be found at their DI University site.


NYDI has a series of presentations available to guide team managers. These can be found at NYDI Presentations.

This Website

Over the years we have accumulated numerous guides for teams and Team Managers.  See:


Having an experienced Team Manager by your side is a great way to improve your team management skills. In our experience, many past Team Managers are willing to provide guidance – chatting the the current manager on a regular basis, sitting in on occasional team meetings, providing skills training for a team, or in some cases even serving as a co-manager. If you are in a district with a larger DI program, your coordinator should be able to help you find a mentor. Alternatively, your Regional Director should be able to put you in touch with a former manager in your area.

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