At the Tournament, every team will solve an Instant Challenge that is presented to them on the day of the tournament, in addition to presenting their solution to their selected Team Challenge.

These are various resources to help Teams and Team Managers in training for Instant Challenge.

Important for every team:

Instant Challenge
De-mystifying Instant Challenge - and providing some hints on how teams can be successful there.
Team-building, Warm-up and Instant Challenge Exercises
A great compendium of team building and focusing tools and exercises.
Roles in Instant Challenge
It is helpful, especially for younger or inexperienced teams, but also for advanced teams, for each member to have a designated role when solving Instant Challenges...
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Instant Challenge
A great guide on how to learn to be a strong Instant Challenge team.  Useful both for teams and Team Managers.

Index of Instant Challenge Resources:


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