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Basic Tournament Procedures:

  • Make sure you download and read the Tournament Travel Guide for Teams from the resource pages.
    It tells you what to expect at your tournament. Inside this Guide you will find information that includes what will happen at your Presentation Site and tips from teams and Team Managers on how to have a great tournament experience.
  • Check-in on time – at least 20 minutes before challenge time.
  • Structure (E) teams must check-in their structure 1 hour before challenge time.
  • After the challenge is over, remember the appraisers will discuss the solution with the Team.  Adults – including the TM – should stay back!
  • Come back to pick up your Team Challenge raw scores about 30 minutes after your challenge.  There will be a poster up listing which scores are available.
  • Once you have picked up your raw scores, share them with the team, but keep them to yourselves inside the team.
  • You have 30 minutes after you receive your raw scores to file any appeals through the DIalogue process, described in Rules of the Road.  After 30 minutes have elapsed since receiving your raw scores no appeals will be accepted.
  • Remember your raw scores are only one component of your final results, and other teams may not yet have performed. Gloating, or discussing scores in public is impolite – so don't do it!


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