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Secret #2

Make sure your forms are filled out completely, correctly, and to your team's best advantage!

  • All Team tournament forms are available as Interactive Forms on our Interactive Tournament Data Forms page – its easier to fill them out and makes them easier for the Appraisers to read! USE THEM!
  • Make sure you have extra copies of Tournament Data Forms, Expense Reports, Declarations of Independence and any other paperwork required by your Challenge.
  • Bring blank forms in case you need to make changes.
  • Stop at the Registration Table at your Tournament to be sure you have all your forms!
  • Make sure your forms are worded to the team’s advantage!

If you want the Princess Costume scored for a Team Choice Element be specific!
Don’t say "costumes" if you really mean the "Princess Costume" — and don’t say the "Princess Costume"
if what you really mean is "the use of unexpected materials in the Princess Costume"!


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