If you are reading this, it is probably because you are a Team Manager looking for guidance or resources, or perhaps you are considering becoming a Team Manager.

We have accumulated a large repository of materials to help you support your teams in solving their Challenges. These can be found here.

We hope that you find this trove useful!

Map for Team Managers

A concise map to help Team Managers find the information they need.

Year Flow Chart

Program Materials

Team Challenges, Rules of the Road, Roadmap and Travel Guide for Teams – the basic documents which govern DI challenges.

Read more: Program Materials

Team Manager Training

Congratulations on being a Team Manager!  We thank you for your commitment to bringing the Destination Imagination experience to your team.

Now that you are here, we would like to help you be the very best Team Manager you can be!

Read more: Team Manager Training

Difficult Team Situations

As a team manager you may encounter various difficult team situations. Use this guide to help you avoid common pitfalls, and handle breakdowns when they occur.

Read more: Difficult Team Situations

Year Flow Chart

A useful flow chart for planning your Destination Imagination year.

Read more: Year Flow Chart

DI University

Excellent online training modules for Team Managers and for Appraisers are available at DI University.   
These have been newly revised, and are recommended both for new and for returning volunteers.

Read more: DI University

Resources for All Participants

See this section for support materials useful for all NYDI participants and volunteers.

Read more: Resources for All Participants

Tips and Tricks for Team Managers

This manual, compiled from many different sources, is intended to be used by Team Managers in addition to the Destination Imagination RoadmapRules of the Road and Team Challenges.

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Team Member and Parent Contracts

This is an example of a contract / ground rules, which the Team Manager can have Team Members and their Parents agree to and sign.

Read more: Team Member and Parent Contracts

Failure Proofing for Success!!

Follow these great steps to help failure-proof your team and be ready for any kind of breakdown!

Read more: Failure Proofing for Success!!

A Team First-Aid Kit

As a former ER nurse, I know how important it is to be prepared for ANYTHING!! On my first day of training, an ambulance radioed in that they were bringing in a trauma victim. With the details from the ambulance in mind, the nurses quickly prepared the trauma room…

Read more: A Team First-Aid Kit

Creating Your Own Instant Challenges & Improvs

You want to practice Instant Challenges & Improvs with your team.
You've used every problem in every book you can find.
Out of ideas? Try this!

Read more: Creating Your Own Instant Challenges & Improvs

Dream DI Teams - Overcoming Team Problems

How to manage the “Dirty Dozen” universal team management problems…

Read more: Dream DI Teams - Overcoming Team Problems

Talking to the Appraisers

An excercise about interacting with appraisers to practice with your team:

Read more: Talking to the Appraisers

Team Manager Tournament Tips

Important Guidelines for Teams and Team Managers immediately before and at the tournament

Read more: Team Manager Tournament Tips

Check-in and Prop Handling Procedures

In order to ensure that we care appropriately for the venues that host our tournaments, we have instituted the following rules which apply at all NYDI Tournaments:

Read more: Check-in and Prop Handling Procedures

Team NY Champ Pack Information

All NY teams which advance to Global Finals are required to purchase a Team NY Champ Pack, which includes the following for each team member:

  • An NYDI T-shirt: This is our official uniform, and is worn by team members at the Global Finals opening and closing ceremonies.
  • A basic set of NYDI trading pinsIt has been said that, beyond the Challenges, pin trading is the social glue which binds teams from all around the world together at Global Finals.  

Read more: Team NY Champ Pack Information


NYDI has produced a series of presentations to help Team Managers better support their teams.

Tips and Tricks for Team Managers

This manual is intended to be used by Team Managers in addition to the Destination Imagination Program Materials. The information offered here does not supersede the rules set out by Destination Imagination. Rather, it is intended as a guide to help Team Managers better understand the rules, and learn how to support their teams.

Written: 2003-2004
Minor Revisions: April 2012, November 2012, July 2014

The information is organized to follow the outline presented in the Roadmap. We recommend that you read the Roadmap section followed by the related section in this manual.

This manual is a compilation of suggestions and comments from many different sources. Every effort has been made to recognize the individuals who contributed to its content, but in many cases, we don’t know where the material actually came from.

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