In order to ensure that we care appropriately for the venues that host our tournaments, we have instituted the following rules which apply at all NYDI Tournaments:

  • Teams must take precautions to protect the facility, including (but not limited to) the floor surface and walls. Damage to the facility could result in points deducted and/or a monetary charge for repairs.
  • Teams must remove ALL debris from the the Challenge Venue immediately after their performance, must clean their area in the Prop Zone within 2 hours, and be signed out by the Prop Zone Monitor. Teams which leave debris behind may have points deducted or may be charged a fee for cleaning.

Please note that items not stored in a designated Prop Zone could potentially be removed for safety reasons or discarded by the venue's cleaning staff.

To implement the above rules, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. One Team Manager and at most one Team Member must report to Tournament Check-In upon arrival at the Tournament site.
  2. When the team checks in, they will receive a Prop Zone Team Sign with their Team Name, Team Number, and Organization.
  3. Teams should NOT load props or equipment [henceforth "materials"] into the Prop Zone until after they have checked in, received their Prop Zone Team Sign, and reported to the Prop Zone Monitor near their Challenge site.
  4. When bringing materials into the Prop Zone the team should check in with the Prop Zone monitor, who will note the location which they are using.
  5. The team must post the Prop Zone Team Sign conspicuously, preferably by taping it to a wall adjacent to their materials.
  6. Teams are reminded that they must report to the Prep Area 20 minutes before their performance time. Structure (Engineering) teams must bring their structure to Structure Check-In 60 minutes before their performance time.
  7. The Prep Area Apppraiser will be responsible for verifying that the team's solution will not damage the facility. Solutions deemed potentially damaging will not be allowed to be used. 
  8. The Challenge Master or Head Appraiser may interrupt any performance which is noted to be causing damage to the facility.
  9. The team must clean up any debris from the performance site immediately upon being dismissed by the appraisers. 
  10. The team should remove all of their materials from the building within 2 hours.
  11. Once the team's materials have been removed, they must call the Prop Zone Monitor to come and inspect the space that they used for cleanliness.
  12. If the space is appropriately cleaned (returned to the state it was in when the team arrived) the Prop Zone Monitor will sign the Prop Zone Team Sign.  
  13. The Prop Zone Monitor will hand signed Prop Zone Team Signs to the Prep Area Appraiser, who will in turn pass them on to the Challenge Master, Head Appraiser or Appraising Team Organizer, who will keep record of the teams that have signed out.
  14. At the end of the day, the list of signed-out teams will be sent to the Tournament Director.
  15. Teams that are not appropriately signed out will receive deductions and may not be eligible for medals or advancement.
  16. Any disputes between the Prop Zone Monitor and the Team shall be reported to the Challenge Master for resolution, in consultation with the Tournament Director.

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