All NY teams which advance to Global Finals are required to purchase a Team NY Champ Pack, which includes the following for each team member:

  • An NYDI T-shirt: This is our official uniform, and is worn by team members at the Global Finals opening and closing ceremonies.
  • A basic set of NYDI trading pinsIt has been said that, beyond the Challenges, pin trading is the social glue which binds teams from all around the world together at Global Finals.  
Champ Pack Pricing
Description Price Comments
2019 NYDI Member Pack 35.00 includes 12 pins and 1 shirt (one per team member only)
2019 NYDI Shirt 13.00 Non-team-member shirt cost
2019 Pin Set - aNYmal DIamonds 15.25 6 pins
2019 Pin Set - Musical Dinos 12.50 4 pins
2019 NYDI 20th Anniversary Pin 2.50 1 pin
2019 Niagara Falls Barrel Pin 2.75 1 pin
2019 NYDI Member Pin Combo 33.00 includes 1 aNYmal DIamonds set, 1 Musical Dinos set, 1 Niagara Falls / Barrel pin, 1 20th Anniversary pin (12 pins total)
2019 Fox Pin (part of multi-state set) 3.50 1 pin - part of multi-state set
50-pack of aNYmal DIamonds and Musical Dinos pins 105.00 Sets only - 5 of each set
25-Pack of Fox Pins (part of multi-state set) 75.00
25-Pack of NYDI 20th Anniversary pins 50.00
25-Pack of Niagara Falls Barrel pins 65.00

Teams can add on additional shirts for Team Managers and supporters, and additional pins (highly recommended). These additional items are provided at reduced cost when ordered together with the Champ Pack. Images of this years pins can be found in our Trading Pin Archive.

Champ Pack Directions

You MUST pre-order BEFORE the Affiliate Tournament!

In light of the short time period between the Affiliate Tournament and Global Finals, to make sure that we order the right amount of shirts and pins, and in order to streamline the purchase process, we require that every team pre-order their Champ-Pack — even though you don't know yet whether you are advancing.  This can be done using the Champ Pack button next to your team listing in our Registration System.  There is no cost involved in pre-ordering, no binding commitment, and we do not collect credit card information.  Alternatively you can send us a Champ Pack Purchase Form

Registration System Login - Champ Pack Purchase

What if we need to add to our order after the Affiliate Tournament?

  • Orders after the Tournament must be placed through the Team Manager, who should send them to [email protected].  
  • Do not place orders using the online shop, as you will not get the appropriate discount!
  • Do not place orders using the Registration System / Champ Pack order form, as these will not be processed after the Tournament!

What if we advance?

Teams which advance should pay in full for their champ pack BEFORE leaving the Affiliate Tournament!

There will be a Champ Pack Purchase Table near the awards ceremony where advancing teams can make their purchase.  Team managers should designate an individual (a parent or perhaps one of the team managers themselves) to go to the purchase table.

Teams which have pre-ordered will receive express treatment at the purchase table.

What if we don't advance?

We don't collect any payment or credit-card information when you pre-order.  There is no obligation, and if you do not advance we will just ignore the order.


All teams must complete their Champ Pack purchase by 8pm on the day after the Tournament in order to guarantee that they receive their shirts and pins in time for Global Finals.

Why do it this way...

As a Team Manager you don't want to be struggling to figure this out at the moment that your team is callled up to the podium to collect their medals, nor to you want to be standing in line at the Purchase Table when you could be celebrating with your team!

Tip for TMs:

The main point here is to plan ahead! Find out what shirts and pins your team will want if they advance, and save your Pre-Order which will tell you the amount which will be due.  Then collect checks or cash from your team before the tournament.  If the team advances, you have order and payment in hand.  If it does not, then you just return the check or cash to those who gave it to you.



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