This manual is intended to be used by Team Managers in addition to the Destination Imagination Program Materials. The information offered here does not supersede the rules set out by Destination Imagination. Rather, it is intended as a guide to help Team Managers better understand the rules, and learn how to support their teams.

Written: 2003-2004
Minor Revisions: April 2012, November 2012, July 2014

The information is organized to follow the outline presented in the Roadmap. We recommend that you read the Roadmap section followed by the related section in this manual.

This manual is a compilation of suggestions and comments from many different sources. Every effort has been made to recognize the individuals who contributed to its content, but in many cases, we don’t know where the material actually came from.

Shipping Props to Global Finals

With the move of Global Finals to Kansas City, Missouri, prop shipment has become a bigger issue for many teams.

Read more: Shipping Props to Global Finals

Why We Do This

I cannot imagine a greater way to stay close to my kids, have fun, and encourage other kids. There was never anything like this when I was a kid, and if there was I wouldn't have been able to be involved. I have had jobs all my life, and extra-curricular activities in school were very few, because I had to work. So, when my kids started getting involved, I swore I would let them do what they wanted and be encouraging them all the way. After some disappointments with coaches, we started to coach a lot of different teams and sports. Then we found CPS--we were hooked.

Read more: Why We Do This

Inciting Creativity

So, exactly how do we teach teams to be creative?

Read more: Inciting Creativity

Tools for Managing a Team

How to develop your team from forming to performing!

Read more: Tools for Managing a Team

10 Commandments for Teams

One Team Manager’s 10 Commandments for Destination Imagination teams.

Read more: 10 Commandments for Teams

Interference – Yes or No?

REMEMBER – It’s Their Solution!

But, exactly where is the boundary?   This guide will help you find it!

Read more: Interference – Yes or No?

Index of Creative Problem Solving Tools

Our compendium of collected Creative Problem Solving tools and techniques

Read more: Index of Creative Problem Solving Tools

Scavenger Hunt / Field Trip Activity

A field trip activity which team managers might find useful to help teams learn about different materials, their properties and potential uses.

Read more: Scavenger Hunt / Field Trip Activity

Solving the Central Challenge

General guidance on how to turn the Central Challenge from a giant task into a done deal!

Read more: Solving the Central Challenge

Team Choice Elements

Team Choice Elements (sometimes called Side Trips) are often 40% of the team's total score.   They are a great way for the team to show off their talents, and do something which isn't prescribed by the challenge.  Here are some thoughts on how teams can build great team choice elements to complement the rest of their solution.

Read more: Team Choice Elements


Some hints on how to teach your team the improv skills they need to succeed in the Improv challenge and in Instant Challenges.

Read more: Improvisation

Instant Challenge

De-mystifying Instant Challenge - and providing some hints on how teams can be successful there.

Read more: Instant Challenge

Roles in Instant Challenge

It is helpful, especially for younger or inexperienced teams, for each member to have a designated role when solving Instant Challenges...

Read more: Roles in Instant Challenge

Forms & ID Sign

There is always paperwork.  Here are some hints and guidelines…

Read more: Forms & ID Sign

A Typical Tournament Day

So, what exactly happens on the day of the tournament?

There is detail in the Travel Guide and in Rules of the Road - but here is a quick primer.

Read more: A Typical Tournament Day


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