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Bank of America has made a generous matching gift donation to Destination Imagination of New York (NYDI), on behalf of an employee who is a volunteer team manager and an enthusiastic supporter of NYDI.

As budgets are being tightened and costs continue to rise, NYDI works diligently to keep from raising the fees to participants. Donations, gifts and sponsorships are a critical piece of these efforts. From all the students of NYDI, Thank you Bank of America . By supporting their employees as they volunteer to make a difference in the lives of these students, Bank of America is truly investing for the future. NYDI teams are developing the 21st Century skills that are necessary for success today and beyond. These students will make a positive impact on the world, Bank of America is helping to make this happen.

DESTINATION IMAGINATION OF NEW YORK, INC., an Affiliate of Destination Imagination Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization and entitled to receive tax deductible contributions. Please see our GuideStar Nonprofit Report for details.

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