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February 2001

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Hi All –


As most of you know, the national Destination Imagination organization is governed by an  eleven-member Board of Trustees (BoT).  Five of these BoT members are  elected by the membership, five are elected by the Affiliate Directors and one comes  from a “business community advisory board”.  Two of the “membership  elected” BoT positions are to be filled this year.  In order eligible to vote in this election, you must:


1.      be an “active participant” supporting DI

2.    be over 18 years of age

3.    they must register to vote. 


The “easy way” for you to register is to go to DI’s on- line registration site at:


You may also register via paper you’ll need to down-load the form at:


This form will also be available at each of our Tournaments.


Fill out the form, and mail it to:


Voter Registration

Destination Imagination

P.O.Box 547

Glassboro NJ 08028-0547


They will also be collected at NY Tournaments then mailed ‘en masse’ if you prefer to do it that way!


I think that getting our volunteers involved in the process of  electing the BoT will be VERY “healthy” for our organization.  I  think that one of the big benefits of our organization is that the  membership “has a say” in how it is run.  The BIGGEST way they assert  that “say” is in electing “membership elected” BoT members.


Let’s have a BIG showing from New York this year!


Thanks for your help in this.


Take care,

Dee Urban, Affiliate Director

Destination Imagination of New York


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