Teams and Team Managers are reminded that there are forms required for every Challenge.

The team itself is responsible for the forms, and that in many cases multiple copies of each form are required.  For younger teams the Team Manager may act as scribe, but the content of the forms must be from the team members. Older teams are expected to manage the forms themselves.

Destination Imagination Inc. has provided fillable interactive versions of each form.  Teams are encouraged to use these, as appraisers have a limited time in which to read the forms, and legible forms with typed responses are much easier to parse.

New copies of all forms are required at every Tournament!

Consent Forms

As of the 2020 season consent forms are submitted on-line as part of the registration process.

Rising Stars / Early Learning — Blast Off!

Rising Stars teams must bring 6 printed copies of the Rising Stars – Starry Showcase Form.


All Competitive Challenges:

New this year, we are asking all Competitive teams to enter their Tournament Data Forms (TDF) online in the Resource Area, and then use that tool to print the forms. It is our hope that this will improve the legibility of the answers, and improve our Appraisers ability to thoroughly review the TDFs in the short time available between team performances.

A short summary:

  • Your team’s Tournament Data Form (TDF) must be entered online.
  • After being entered online the TDF must be printed (6 copies)
  • These other forms must still be downloaded, filled, and printed:
  • Beware of interference: 
    • Adults can be typists entering the data into the forms…
    • …but the words must come from the team members.
  • Please do not wait until the days right before the Tournament to do this!

 To enter and print your TDF data, please do the following:

  1. Log on to the Resource Area:
    TDF Step 1a  TDF Step 1b  
  2. Select Documents tournament data forms:
    TDF Step 2
  3. You should now see a list of your teams. Click on the pencil image (pencil) icon next to your team:
    TDF Step 3
  4. You should now be presented with the Tournament Data Form for your team’s Challenge. Note that the Summary at the top right lists the number of questions that are have been completed. You will need to scroll down to find the answer fields:
    TDF Step 4
  5. When you type in the answer to a question there is no need to click a “save” button; your answers are saved as soon as you enter them. This is indicated here:
    TDF Step 5
  6. Here is a view of more of the form. Note that the answer fields are highlighted in light blue.
    TDF Step 6
  7. When you are done with your edits, you must still print your form. Do that by clicking the Print button:
    TDF Step 7
  8. Depending on your computer and the browser you are using, either you will now see a formatted (.pdf) version of the form that can be saved or printed, or the formatted TDF will be immediately downloaded to your computer so that it can be printed.

Again, please do not wait until just before the Tournament to complete your Tournament Data Forms. Well constructed forms can be a great asset to the Team, in that they help the Appraisers know what the team wants them to score. The night before the Tournament is NOT the time to figure that out, and it certainly is not the time to be trying to overcome a technical problem with the online forms. So please: Do this now, not later!




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