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Teams which exceled at the 2015 NYDI Affiliate Tournament advanced to Global Finals '15, which was held May 20th-23rd, 2015 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

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By now all of your teams should be registered in the DI Event Management System. Any registration concerns should be addressed to [email protected].


NYDI has great on-campus housing in Morril Hall, right on the Presidential Quad, which is ground zero for pin trading, near the athletic facility, and has good transportation links to the rest of the tournament.

morrill typical roomTypical Room
morrill typical residential floor
Typical Floor Layout

The room has two beds, a mini-fridge, Air Conditioning, and desks. Beds are lofted (bed above, desk below), but we understand that they can be lowered.

For more information, please see UT's Morrill Hall page.


NYDI and DI Inc. do not provide transportation to Global Finals.  This is the responsibility of the team, or perhaps of the team's sponsoring organization.  There is some information about Global Finals travel at Global Finals Transportation.


Each team must bring a new completed set of Tournament Data Forms with them to Global Finals. Global Finals appraisers will NOT have access to the forms which you handed to the appraisers at any of the NYDI tournaments.

There is a completely separate set of Consent Forms required for Global Finals.

Teams are reminded that they should print out a copy of the Published Clarifications and any Team Clarifications which they requested.

Pin Trading

It has been said that beyond the Challenges, pin trading is the social glue which binds teams from all around the world together at Global Finals.

Every team member will receive a few NYDI pins in their Champ Pack, but most participants buy additional pins so that they have more to trade.  See the Champ Pack page and our NYDI Shop for more information.

Performance Sites

Teams and Team Managers should read the information at Important Challenge Info for Teams & Team Managers carefully. This contains critical information about your Challenge Site, including various site-specific rules, procedures, etc. Note that the Presentation Site may differ by Level. This is a MUST READ for Team Managers, and recommended for the teams themselves. 

Challenge Level Site Location
Lt Type Name Room Code Description
A Technical Creature Feature All Exhibit Hall KCEC Knoxville Convention Exibition Center
(Lower Level of Holiday Inn)
B Scientific Making Waves El­e­men­ta­ry Medallion
Middle CB Theater Clarence Brown Theatre
Secondary & University G068 Haslam Haslam Music Center
Room G068
C Fine Arts Feary Tales  El­e­men­ta­ry Dest. 301DE KCC Knoxville Convention Center
Imag. 200DE
Middle Dest. Ball­room B
Imag. Ball­room C
Secondary & University Ball­room A
D Improv-isational The Improv Games  El­e­men­ta­ry 32 Alumni Alumni Memorial Building 
Middle 210
Secondary & Universit Cox Auditorium
E Structural Lose to Win El­e­men­ta­ry Exhibit Hall B KCC Knoxville Convention Center
Secondary & University
PO Project Outreach Brand Aid El­e­men­ta­ry 220-221 UC University Center
Middle 223-224
Secondary & University 225-227
IC Instant Challenge All HS&S Humanities & Social Sciences Building

Global Finals - Event Locations and Housing

2015 Team NY - With Rankings

Team # Organization School Team Name Manager Last Name Ch. Lv. Site Rank Building Room TC Day TC TC Changed IC Day IC IC Changed
134-09398 Lakeland CSD Ben Franklin ES Einstein's Awesome Destiny Lendener A EL D 17 KCEC Hall 2 Thu 5/21 17:00 Fri 5/22 16:45
134-31724 Orchard Park SD Ellicott ES Green Grinchy Dinner Dogs Hemmerling A EL I 36 KCEC Hall 2 Thu 5/21 13:24 Sat 5/23 09:30
134-40417 Yorktown CSD Crompond ES Boom Goes the DInamite Sheinin A EL D 12 KCEC Hall 2 Thu 5/21 14:00 Sat 5/23 09:45
134-60620 Lakeland CSD Copper Beech MS The Brain Train Christoforatos A ML 33 KCEC Hall 1 Thu 5/21 13:42 Fri 5/22 12:00
134-88661 Lehman Alternative Community School Lehman Alternative Yellow Ninja Wolves Agger A ML 52T KCEC Hall 1 Fri 5/22 13:24 Thu 5/21 09:30
134-10379 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS 0100­0101­0100­0010­0100­1111: The Musical Lewis A SL 9 KCEC Hall 3 Thu 5/21 15:12 Fri 5/22 15:30
134-15650 Orchard Park SD Orchard Park HS This is not a DImocracy! Turton A SL 12 KCEC Hall 3 Fri 5/22 15:12 Thu 5/21 10:06
134-88212 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS They told us to think out of the box. Do you have anything else to add? Stinga B EL 50 KCEC Medallion Room Sat 5/23 08:00 Thu 5/21 11:18
134-08314 Sachem CSD Lynwood ES Super SounDIng Lynwood Leaders Dulovic B EL 45 KCEC Medallion Room Thu 5/21 12:48 Fri 5/22 17:00
134-42667 Medina Central Medina HS Mustangs Donavan B ML 29T CB Clarence Brown Theatre Sat 5/23 08:36 Thu 5/21 11:00
134-92388 Orchard Park SD Orchard Park HS The ProcrasDInators Hackford B SL 21T Haslam G068 Fri 5/22 08:00 Thu 5/21 11:18
134-36540 Caroline Elementary Caroline Elementary Flaming Fries Loiacono C EL D 28T KCC 301 DE Fri 5/22 09:48 Thu 5/21 16:45
134-21607 Yorktown CSD Crompond ES DUCK D.I.nasty Tomeny C EL I 13T KCC 200 DE Thu 5/21 10:06 Sat 5/23 12:15
134-21536 Orchard Park SD Orchard Park MS #Ask­Me­About­My­Unicorn Wojciechowski C ML D 21T KCC Ballroom C Fri 5/22 13:24 Thu 5/21 09:45
134-35818 Somers CSD Somers MS Fear the Horrororor Etu C ML I 10T KCC Ballroom B Thu 5/21 11:36 Sat 5/23 09:30
134-29966 Orchard Park SD Orchard Park HS Timmy's Bits Detwiler C SL 26T KCC Ballroom A Thu 5/21 07:24 Fri 5/22 08:54
134-37643 Somers CSD Somers HS Lords of the Onion Rings Morello C SL 37T KCC Ballroom A Thu 5/21 17:54 Sat 5/23 12:48
134-60698 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence HS Tazambo Brennan C SL 35T KCC Ballroom A Wed 5/20 11:36 Fri 5/22 09:30
134-35116 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Springhurst ES Into DI of the Storm Ferri D EL 13T Alumni 32 Fri 5/22 15:30 Thu 5/21 14:30
134-74198 Orchard Park SD Windom ES Team Minecraft Bemis D EL 21T Alumni 32 Sat 5/23 11:36 Fri 5/22 10:15
134-15150 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Yes, and ... Kretzer D ML 43 Alumni 210 Fri 5/22 09:48 Sat 5/23 11:00
134-29975 Northern Westchester DI Independent (McClay) Wouldn't U Like 2 Know? McClay D ML 24 Alumni 210 Fri 5/22 17:54 Thu 5/21 17:15
134-33835 Royalton-Hartland CSD Royalton-Hartland MS Royalton-Hartland Middle School Eschborn D ML 54T Alumni 210 Sat 5/23 07:42 Fri 5/22 15:15
134-85461 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS Mom Davidson D SL 13 Alumni Cox Auditorium Thu 5/21 17:00 Sat 5/23 09:48 CHANGED
134-94491 Medina Central Medina HS The Northwestern Octopede Goyette D SL 47 Alumni Cox Auditorium Wed 5/20 15:30 Fri 5/22 10:42
134-23061 Blind Brook Rye UFSD BMP Ridge Street School start to finish Mathews E EL 22 KCC Exhibit Hall B Thu 5/21 08:18 Fri 5/22 14:00
134-01536 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS I Touched Your Face, Now It's Mine Schuyler E ML 56 KCC Exhibit Hall B Sat 5/23 12:48 CHANGED Fri 5/22 14:54
134-10070 Blind Brook Rye UFSD Blind Brook HS Divine Intervention Chason E SL 17T KCC Exhibit Hall B Thu 5/21 11:36 Sat 5/23 10:42
134-58443 Blind Brook Rye UFSD Blind Brook HS Blind Brook Boomerangs Mathews E SL 48 KCC Exhibit Hall B Thu 5/21 11:54 Sat 5/23 10:06
134-72781 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Springhurst ES DInosaurs Foresti PO EL 42T UC 220-221 Thu 5/21 13:24 Sat 5/23 11:00
134-85664 Frontier CSD Pinehurst ES Beauty Brains Brawn Barreto-Martin PO EL 50 UC 220-221 Fri 5/22 08:00 Thu 5/21 10:24
134-70020 William Street School William Street School Mighty 6 Aubertine PO EL 46T UC 220-221 Thu 5/21 13:42 Sat 5/23 10:42
134-81722 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence MS Nerd Herd Lahti PO ML 38T UC 223-224 Fri 5/22 09:12 Sat 5/23 10:42
134-41877 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Julien's hair is literally a metaphor for life Luebbers PO ML 18T UC 223-224 Sat 5/23 11:36 Thu 5/21 16:06
134-76383 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence HS Prismic Squares Leone PO SL 32T UC 225-227 Fri 5/22 15:12 Thu 5/21 11:18
134-70294 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS ALL about that ALKALINE Davidson PO SL 4T UC 225-227 Sat 5/23 10:06 Thu 5/21 11:00
134-71337 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS The Taped Mirrors Kehoe PO SL 27T UC 225-227 Thu 5/21 13:06 Fri 5/22 14:18

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