The top teams from each New York regional tournament and all teams from the Central Region met at the 2016 NYDI Affiliate Tournament (our state finals), on April 9, 2016.

The tournament was held at SUNY Broome Community College, located in Binghamton, NY.

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General Information


Teams and team managers are advised to review the following information:

Teams should NOT book lodging at the Doubletree Inn, as this hotel is designated for Tournament Officials.

Team Challenge Locations

Building Events
Student Center  Team Challenges A, E
Tournament Check-in
Decker Health
Sciences Center
Team Challenges B, C, D, pO, RS
Applied Technology
Instant Challenge

Please see tournament schedule for detailed information on performance locations and times.

Respect for our Host Venue

In order to ensure that we care appropriately for our host venue, SUNY Broom Community College, we have instituted the following site-specific rules:

  • Teams must take precautions to protect the facility, including (but not limited to) the floor surface and walls. Damage to the facility could result in points deducted and/or a monetary charge for repairs.
  • Teams must remove ALL debris from the the Challenge Venue immediately after their performance, must clean their area in the Prop Zone within 2 hours, and be signed out by the Prop Zone Monitor. Teams which leave debris behind may have points deducted or may be charged a fee for cleaning.

We have developed a procedure to support adherence to these rules. See the Check-in and Prop Handling Procedures for details.

SUNY Broome Community College

SUNY Broome Community College

Changes to your Solution

Teams are permitted, and actually expected, to refine, enhance and improve their solutions between the Regional and Affiliate Tournaments. Any change is permitted – but a team may NOT switch to a different Challenge.


New copies of your Tournament Data Forms, Declaration of Independent, and Expense Report are required for the Affiliate Tournament.

Special Notes for Certain Challenges

Challenge A: Pace of Change (technical):
  • Solutions which are deemed likely to damage the floor will be disallowed.
  • The Challenge Master will interrupt the use of any solution which is seen to be damaging the floor.
Challenge C: Get a Clue (fine arts): 
  • The performance venue at the Affiliate Tournament will be much smaller than you may have encountered at the Regional Tournament, but will meet the space specifications described in the Challenge.
Challenge E: Musical Mashup (structure): 
  • Bring your structure to Structure Check-In at least 60 minutes before scheduled performance time.
  • There will be a total of at least 900 lbs. of weight available: 10 x 5 lb., 10 x 10 lb., 5 x 25 lb. 5 x 35 lb., 10 x 45 lb.

Advancement to Global Finals

  • First and second place teams for each level and each challenge at the Affiliate Tournament will advance to Global Finals 2016. Ties may also be advanced.
  • ALL teams should have pre-ordered their Champ Pack, and should be prepared to complete the purchase immediately after the awards ceremony. The Champ Pack is mandatory for advancing teams, and includes NYDI T-Shirts for every participant, and a few trading pins. Cost is $30 per team member. Advancing teams can be purchase additional shirts and pins at a discount. We strongly suggest pre-ordering to streamline the purchase process!  Champ Pack orders must be complete 8pm on Sunday, April 10th in order to guarantee availability for Global Finals!  See the Champ Pack page for details.
  • What if we Win at States and are going to Global Finals?

Global Finals Team Managers Meeting

There is a very important Team Manager Meeting immediately after the awards ceremony to review the “Going to Globals” process. One Team Manager from every advancing team MUST attend. We will have a packet of information for the Team Manager and we will review the process. There are veterans in this group that will have great insight to share as well. We intend for this meeting to be brief but focused, running not more than 20 minutes.


Please remind your volunteer of their commitment for the day of the tournament. Every team is required to provide an adult volunteer who can help run the tournament. Assignments vary, but usually run about an hour.

We always arrange the volunteer schedule so that a team's designated volunteers are able to see their team's performance!

Your team's volunteer assignment is shown on the tournament schedule, at the far right of the table. Please make sure that your volunteer has read the volunteer responsibilities before the day of the tournament, and that they know where and when they must report for duty.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Door Watcher
Make sure that no one enters or leaves during a team performance, and act as a monitor keeping the area outside the performance room quiet so that the teams performances can be heard. In some rare cases door watchers may be scheduled during their team’s performance time; in that case, just close the door when the challenge starts, come in and watch.
Prop Zone Monitor
Make sure that props are stored in a manner that will facilitate movement in and out of the room according to the performance schedule, in accordance with our Check-in and Prop Handling Procedures. It is also your job to make sure that all participants and parents/managers are treating the room and the materials in it respectfully. While adults are allowed to assist team members in moving props and scenery, they ARE NOT allowed to help team members in construction, repairs, costume or makeup. If you see blatant disregard for the rules, or teams not cleaning up after themselves, please alert the prep area appraisers at your assigned challenge site.
Go to the registration table in the Student Center. Your task is to sign in teams when they arrive, and hand them their registration envelopes. There will also be blank tournament data forms and consent forms available here, and tournament programs for sale. Offer directions to challenge sites, or direct the team to other resources as needed.
Go to the sales table in the Student Center and check in with the salesperson in charge for your assignment.

Tournament Schedule


  • Please force refresh / bypass your browser cache  to ensure that you are seeing the latest version of the schedule!
  • Emails from NYDI always take precedence over this web page!
  • All teams should re-verify their performance times when they register on the day of the tournament.
  • Volunteer assignments at the right of the table (you may need to scroll to the right to see the columns).

2016 Affiliate Tournament Venues

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Ch. Kind Name Ch. Abbr. Lv. Building Room Start End
I/C Instant Challenge IC ALL Applied Technology 9:00 16:00
A Technical Pace of Change PACE ALL Student Center Baldwin Gym 8:40 16:00
B Scientific In Plain Sight SIGHT ALL Decker 118 9:00 15:40
C Fine Arts Get a Clue CLUE EL Decker 313 9:00 14:40
C Fine Arts Get a Clue CLUE ML/SL Decker 318 9:20 14:00
D Improvisational Close Encounters ENCOUN ALL Decker 201 9:00 15:20
E Structural Musical Mashup MASHUP ALL Student Center West Gym 11:00 14:20
pO Service Learning The Meme Event MEME ALL Decker 213 11:20 15:20
RS Early Learning Change in Direction CHANGE ALL Decker 318 14:20 14:40

2016 Affiliate Tournament Schedule

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Team # Org. School Team Name Ch. Abbr. Ch. Lv. TC Time IC Time Δ Vol. Type Vol. Where Vol. Start Vol. End Manager
134-12005 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence MS Don't Learn Safety By Accident PACE A ML 8:40 10:00 Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 9:20 10:00 Leone
134-42733 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Message Failed To Send PACE A ML 9:00 10:20 Prop Zone Decker-318 13:00 14:00 Romedenne
134-89943 Lakeland CSD Copper Beech MS Awesome Rockets PACE A ML 9:20 11:00 Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 8:40 9:20 Cestero
134-57486 Lehman Alternative Community School Lehman Alternative Community School Downloading Name... Please Wait PACE A ML 9:40 11:20 Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 11:00 12:00 Baird
134-01231 West Seneca CSD East Middle School Trojan Turtles PACE A ML 10:20 11:40 Door Watcher Decker-201 9:00 10:00 Grover
134-54712 Orchard Park CSD Orchard Park HS Train Wreck PACE A SL 10:40 13:40 Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 13:40 14:20 Turton
134-81670 Medina CSD Medina HS meDIna mustangs PACE A SL 11:00 14:00 Prop Zone Decker-318 14:00 15:00 Donovan
134-49199 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS Fix It 'Til It Breaks PACE A SL 11:20 14:40 Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 10:20 11:00 Lewis
134-39997 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS Scintillating Syncopating Cephalopods PACE A SL 11:40 15:00 Merchandise Student Center 13:00 14:00 Varekamp
134-11907 RPI DI CLUB Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RPI DI PACE A UL 12:40 15:40 Appraiser Laramie
134-07739 Romulus CSD Romulus ES Romulus Super Solvers PACE A EL 13:00 14:20 Prop Zone Decker-118 14:00 14:40 McLaughlin
134-94561 Romulus CSD Romulus ES Romulus Tech Warriors PACE A EL 13:20 14:40 Prop Zone Decker-118 14:40 15:20 Davis
134-04035 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD BMP Ridge Street School Mustache Maniacs PACE A EL 13:40 15:00 Merchandise Student Center 12:00 13:00 Asen
134-60758 Orchard Park CSD Ellicott ES Elvis Wabbits PACE A EL 14:00 15:20 CHANGED Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 14:40 15:20 Rauh
134-28447 Lakeland CSD Ben Franklin ES The Seven Crazy Creators PACE A EL 14:40 12:20 CHANGED Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 15:20 16:00 Hudson
134-64029 Lakeland CSD Van Cortlandtville ES The Awesome Squad PACE A EL 15:00 12:40 Door Watcher SC-Baldwin 12:40 13:40 Chiulli
134-52983 Hamilton CSD Hamilton ES The Odyssey of the Nutella Squad PACE A EL 15:20 13:00 Prop Zone SC-WestGym 13:00 14:00 Jacobsen
134-65316 Hamilton CSD Hamilton ES HCS Lightning Hamsters PACE A EL 15:40 14:00 Prop Zone SC-WestGym 14:00 15:00 Werner
134-39834 Orchard Park CSD Orchard Park HS OPHS Hackford SIGHT B SL 9:00 10:40 Door Watcher Decker-118 11:00 11:40 Hackford
134-16470 Lockport City SD Lockport HS To Be Announced SIGHT B SL 9:20 11:00 Prop Zone Decker-313 11:00 12:00 White
134-35043 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS Y'all SIGHT B SL 9:40 12:00 Prop Zone Decker-313 12:00 13:00 Lewis
134-22697 DeSales Catholic School DeSales Catholic School The Zoo Crew SIGHT B EL 10:20 13:00 Prop Zone Decker-213 13:00 14:00 Goyette
134-69742 Lakeland CSD Van Cortlandtville ES The Chubby Narwhals SIGHT B EL 10:40 13:20 Prop Zone Decker-313 9:00 10:00 Parker
134-61355 Romulus CSD Romulus ES Slushie Lovers SIGHT B EL 11:00 13:40 Door Watcher Decker-118 10:20 11:00 Zona
134-64339 Orchard Park CSD Windom ES Shine On SIGHT B EL 11:20 14:00 Prop Zone Decker-213 14:00 15:00 Kaufman
134-23242 Hamilton CSD Hamilton ES The AAC - Awesome Artistic Creators SIGHT B EL 12:20 14:40 Door Watcher Decker-118 13:00 13:40 Rosbrook
134-57071 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center The innovators SIGHT B EL 12:40 15:00 Door Watcher Decker-118 14:20 15:00 Young
134-47834 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center The DI-ables SIGHT B EL 13:00 15:20 Mcguire
134-98622 Yorktown CSD Crompond ES The Wizard of Odds SIGHT B EL 13:20 15:40 Merchandise Student Center 14:00 15:00 Fraser
134-44462 Lakeland CSD Copper Beech MS The Brain Train SIGHT B ML 14:20 12:00 Prop Zone Decker-213 12:00 13:00 Christoforatos
134-63219 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence MS The Bright Bunch SIGHT B ML 14:40 9:40 Door Watcher Decker-118 9:00 10:00 Lahti
134-98285 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center Chameleon Blasters SIGHT B ML 15:00 13:20 Door Watcher Decker-201 13:40 14:20 stooks
134-19424 Lakeland CSD multi-school (Lakeland) Einstein's Awesome Destiny SIGHT B ML 15:20 14:00 Door Watcher Decker-318 14:20 14:40 Lendener
134-42755 Romulus CSD Romulus ES The Flyers CLUE C EL 9:00 10:20 Door Watcher Decker-313 10:20 11:20 Currier
134-93210 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Springhurst ES Look Me in DI CLUE C EL 9:20 10:40 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 10:40 11:40 Berasi
134-51610 Yorktown CSD Crompond ES Mysterious Ship CLUE C EL 9:40 11:00 Prop Zone Decker-118 11:00 12:00 Shao
134-44881 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center The Big Idea CLUE C EL 10:20 13:20 Check-in Student Center 11:00 12:00 Blas
134-68183 Hamilton CSD Hamilton ES Green Smarts CLUE C EL 10:40 13:40 Prop Zone Decker-118 9:00 10:00 Virden-Speer
134-55677 Hamilton CSD Hamilton ES Awesome Dolphin Detectives CLUE C EL 11:00 14:00 Door Watcher Decker-313 13:20 14:00 Jacobsen
134-96443 Orchard Park CSD Eggert ES The Clueless Q-Berts CLUE C EL 12:00 14:40 Prop Zone Decker-313 14:20 15:20 Cappello
134-79840 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center DI Has A Clue CLUE C EL 12:20 15:00 Prop Zone Decker-213 15:00 16:00 Mack
134-28009 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center GIAC Jumping Cookie Monsters CLUE C EL 12:40 15:20 Door Watcher Decker-213 14:20 15:20 Greene
134-00898 Frontier CSD Pinehurst ES Beauty Brains & Brawn CLUE C EL 13:20 15:40 Check-in Student Center 12:00 13:00 Martin
134-36442 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center Navigators CLUE C EL 13:40 12:00 CHANGED Door Watcher Decker-313 14:00 14:40 Brewington
134-18577 Irvington UFSD Main Street School Fantastic Fiolians CLUE C EL 14:00 11:40 CHANGED Prop Zone Decker-118 12:00 13:00 Fiol
134-84842 DeSales Catholic School DeSales Catholic School Magnifiers CLUE C EL 14:20 12:20 Door Watcher Decker-313 12:00 13:00 Pellicano
134-47204 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence HS Copyright™ CLUE C SL 9:20 11:20 Door Watcher Decker-201 10:20 11:20 Brennan
134-64247 Cortland Senior High School Cortland Senior HS The Square Root of -1 CLUE C SL 9:40 11:40 Door Watcher Decker-318 10:00 10:40 Bottle
134-69033 Orchard Park CSD Orchard Park HS TEAM TIM CLUE C SL 10:00 13:00 Prop Zone Decker-118 13:00 14:00 Detwiler
134-47873 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS Confused History Flappers CLUE C SL 10:20 13:20 Door Watcher Decker-318 9:20 10:00 Coan
134-50280 Lakeland CSD Copper Beech MS The Napoleon Complex CLUE C ML 11:00 14:00 Prop Zone Decker-313 13:40 14:20 D'Amaso
134-53246 Katonah-Lewisboro SD John Jay MS Ignte CLUE C ML 11:20 13:00 Prop Zone Decker-313 13:00 13:40 egan
134-59732 Medina CSD Medina HS That 60's Team CLUE C ML 11:40 14:40 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 14:40 15:40 Sherman
134-45781 Royalton-Hartland CSD Royalton-Hartland MS DInosaurs CLUE C ML 13:00 15:20 Prop Zone Decker-118 15:20 16:20 Strong
134-24156 Romulus CSD Romulus ES Raging Tiger Unicorns CLUE C ML 13:20 15:40 Merchandise Student Center 15:00 16:00 Currier
134-41950 Yorktown CSD Mildred E Strang MS D.I.ll Pickles CLUE C ML 13:40 11:20 Door Watcher Decker-318 11:00 12:00 Palmer
134-76070 Hendrick Hudson CSD Blue Mountain MS VIIPZ ENCOUN D ML 9:00 10:20 Prop Zone Decker-118 10:00 11:00 Piccolo Hill
134-74098 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Improvinati Confirmed ENCOUN D ML 9:20 10:40 Door Watcher Decker-213 11:20 12:20 Glenn
134-49067 Orchard Park CSD Orchard Park MS That Team V2.0 ENCOUN D ML 9:40 11:00 Prop Zone SC-WestGym 11:00 12:00 Scinta
134-87672 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Dobbs Ferry MS Cool As D' Ice ENCOUN D ML 10:20 12:00 Prop Zone SC-WestGym 12:00 13:00 Lief
134-99386 Frontier CSD Frontier MS Maniac Monsters ENCOUN D ML 10:40 12:20 Door Watcher Decker-201 12:00 12:40 Martin
134-55866 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS If Hugo, We go. ENCOUN D ML 11:00 12:40 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 12:40 13:40 Elterman
134-51214 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Dobbs Ferry HS Kentucky Fried Children ENCOUN D SL 12:00 15:00 Door Watcher Decker-318 13:00 14:00 Rancier
134-02446 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS Llamas of Every Sort ENCOUN D SL 12:20 15:20 Door Watcher Decker-201 12:40 13:20 Kuchibhatla
134-09061 Royalton-Hartland CSD Royalton-Hartland HS Charlie Didn't Bring Us Pizza ENCOUN D SL 12:40 15:40 Check-in Student Center 9:00 10:00 Cheskiewicz
134-46621 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence HS Just Us ENCOUN D SL 13:00 14:40 Door Watcher Decker-201 14:20 15:20 Petri
134-49244 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence Central Schools (mixed) Clarence Who, What, Where Weirdos (But in a Good Way) ENCOUN D EL 13:40 10:40 Merchandise Student Center 10:00 11:00 Sue
134-24936 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Maybe ENCOUN D EL 14:00 11:00 Prop Zone Decker-318 11:00 12:00 Luebbers
134-16883 Greater Ithaca Activities Center Greater Ithaca Activities Center DJ's DI Squad ENCOUN D EL 14:20 11:20 Prop Zone Decker-213 11:20 12:20 Greene
134-53117 Royalton-Hartland CSD Royalton-Hartland MS Zee After School Homework Club ENCOUN D EL 14:40 11:40 Check-in Student Center 10:00 11:00 Eschborn
134-95906 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Springhurst ES DI Ball is watching you! ENCOUN D EL 15:00 12:00 Prop Zone Decker-318 12:00 13:00 Ferri
134-57931 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD Blind Brook HS One DI rection MASHUP E SL 11:00 9:00 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 8:40 9:40 Chason
134-80025 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD Blind Brook HS Tech Support Two Point O MASHUP E SL 11:20 9:20 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 9:40 10:40 George
134-61847 Lakeland CSD Copper Beech MS Insert Cool Name [Here] MASHUP E ML 12:00 14:20 Door Watcher SC-WestGym 13:00 13:40 Roth
134-90970 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Hot Sauce MASHUP E ML 12:20 15:00 Door Watcher SC-WestGym 13:40 14:20 Stok
134-17735 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD BMP Ridge Street School Start to Finish Two Point O MASHUP E EL 13:00 10:00 Prop Zone Decker-318 10:00 11:00 Mathews
134-84178 Lakeland CSD Van Cortlandtville ES SUPER SONIC SIX MASHUP E EL 13:20 10:20 Door Watcher SC-WestGym 11:00 11:40 Biswas
134-93786 Lakeland CSD Van Cortlandtville ES Death Ray Panthers MASHUP E EL 13:40 11:40 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 11:40 12:40 Thompson
134-51768 Royalton-Hartland CSD Royalton-Hartland ES Beauty and the Wreckers MASHUP E EL 14:00 12:00 Door Watcher SC-WestGym 12:00 12:40 Mault
134-91143 Clarence DI Boosters Clarence HS The Band Meme-bers MEME PO SL 11:20 9:40 Door Watcher Decker-313 9:00 10:00 Petri
134-56295 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD Blind Brook HS Tie DI MEME PO SL 11:40 10:00 Prop Zone Decker-313 10:00 11:00 Levine
134-86954 Croton-Harmon UFSD Croton-Harmon HS The Taped Mirrors MEME PO SL 12:00 15:20 Door Watcher Decker-213 13:20 14:00 Kehoe
134-08688 Lakeland CSD Ben Franklin ES Mind Shakers MEME PO EL 13:20 10:40 Merchandise Student Center 11:00 12:00 Turjanski-Villard
134-45849 Irvington UFSD Main Street School Imaginators MEME PO EL 13:40 11:00 Check-in Student Center 11:00 12:00 Flynn-Khan
134-78885 West Seneca CSD East Middle School Love for Lauryn MEME PO ML 14:20 9:20 Prop Zone Decker-318 9:20 10:00 Zimmerman
134-99781 Croton-Harmon UFSD Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Something Clever MEME PO ML 14:40 13:00 Appraiser Mayer
134-47231 Ithaca City School District DeWitt Middle School Flaming Fries MEME PO ML 15:00 13:40 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 13:40 14:40 Loiacono
134-60258 Northeast Ithaca Northeast Ithaca ES The Mogre-Butt-Kicking Superkids CHANGE RS EL 14:20 15:40 Prop Zone SC-Baldwin 15:40 16:40 Goodman

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