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Teams that excel at the 2018 NYDI Affiliate Tournament will advance to Global Finals '18, May 23rd-26th, 2018 at the Uni­vers­ity of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.


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  • The schedule below is a guide, and is NOT definitive! All teams should verify their performance times in the DI Event Management System, and again when they register on-site at TRECS.
  • Emails from DI Inc. and postings on the DI Event Management System always take precedence over this web page!
  • Performance times and venues are expected to be available in mid-May.




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Team # Org. Team Name Ch. Abbr. Lv. Manager TC Day TC Time TC Room IC Day IC Time
134-22683 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD The Amazing Aces ATTRACTION EL Fuller
134-35510 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD CFAP DROP SL Chason KCC Ex. Hall B
134-87793 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD Mustache Maniacs ATTRACTION ML Asen
134-88868 Blind Brook-Rye UFSD Start to Finish 4.0 DROP ML Mathews KCC Ex. Hall B
134-86339 Chappaqua CSD Chappaqua Pirates MAZE ML Shaiken KCEC Ex. Hall 1
134-23115 Clarence DI Boosters DI or Die ATTRACTION ML James
134-43141 Clarence DI Boosters It's Just A Theory MAZE SL Leone KCEC Ex. Hall 3
134-51845 Clarence DI Boosters 7 Creating Creative Creators of MAZE EL Sue KCEC Ex. Hall 2
134-68961 Clarence DI Boosters Power Puff Bats IMPACT SL Petri
134-28960 Croton-Harmon UFSD Gabby and the Gang ATTRACTION SL Stok
134-51601 Croton-Harmon UFSD The Cobble Dabblers TUNE SL Roane
134-86810 Croton-Harmon UFSD Celtic Sea Salt TREASURE SL Frey Alumni
134-90753 Croton-Harmon UFSD I am the great and magnificent Josh MAZE SL Varekamp KCEC Ex. Hall 3
134-28688 Dobbs Ferry UFSD Common DIfference IMPACT ML Henry
134-68304 Dobbs Ferry UFSD DIamonds TREASURE EL Ferri Alumni
134-36951 Frontier DI Boosters Spikey Kokonuts IMPACT ML Newell
134-21012 Gasport Area Friends The Missing Marbles TUNE EL Fisk
134-84136 Hendrick Hudson CSD Team Quake DROP EL Wilson KCC Ex. Hall B
134-14085 Irvington UFSD DI Dogs ATTRACTION EL McFeetors
134-29181 Irvington UFSD #FOREVERMOUSTACHE IMPACT EL Furtado
134-83924 Irvington UFSD Wise-er Dolphins ATTRACTION ML Neubauer
134-25215 Lakeland CSD SUPER SONIC SIX DROP EL Biswas KCC Ex. Hall B
134-51462 Lakeland CSD Technological Tangerine MAZE EL Chisholm KCEC Ex. Hall 2
134-56507 Lakeland CSD The D.I. Jammers DROP ML Marino KCC Ex. Hall B
134-60257 Lakeland CSD Unique unicorns ATTRACTION EL Matos
134-92692 Lakeland CSD Brad the Bread & the French Pota TREASURE ML DiSisto Alumni
134-62031 Medina CSD Blooming Expedition TUNE SL Stapley
134-02029 Orchard Park CSD The A'Cappellos TUNE ML Cappello
134-36627 Orchard Park CSD Chloroplasts MAZE ML Bass KCEC Ex. Hall 1
134-47519 Orchard Park CSD Reenact the Fanny Pack TREASURE SL Brady Alumni
134-50736 Orchard Park CSD DARTS ATTRACTION SL mcmullen
134-73097 Orchard Park CSD The Golgi Gang TREASURE ML Burnett Alumni
134-74064 Orchard Park CSD The Unbreakable 7 DROP SL Turton KCC Ex. Hall B
134-26111 RPI DI Club MAZE UL Eshed KCEC Ex. Hall 3
134-87751 Sachem CSD LeaDIng Lynwood Tigers TUNE EL Dulovic
134-41589 Somers CSD PurDIs BirDIs IMPACT SL Etu
134-01113 Yorktown CSD I Spy DI IMPACT EL Tamburelli
134-27926 Yorktown CSD 7 Treasure Trackers TREASURE EL tomeny Alumni
134-28953 Yorktown CSD DIversity is DInamite! IMPACT ML Flandreau

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