The 2017 NYDI Eastern Regional Tournament took place on Saturday, March 18, 2017,  at Somers Middle School.


General Information


The tournament schedule has been posted.
Please note that some performance times may change any time up to the day of the Tournament!

Questions or requests about the schedule should be directed to your Regional Director, [email protected], as soon as possible.

Team Managers should review ALL of the following documents:

It's also a good time to review your Challenge, the Rules of the Road, and any Published Clarifications.  You should start completing your Tournament Data Forms now.

Arrival at the Tournament

Teams and spectators are advised to carpool if possible – the amount of parking close to the school building is limited. We will have auxilliary parking a bit farther away, but please plan ahead and share transportation if at all possible.

There will be separate check-in locations depending upon your challenge.  Please see the table in the tournament schedule and the campus map for details.

It is not necessary for the entire team to go to Check-In. Younger teams should come with a Team Manager and one Team Member.  Older teams can just send one Team Member.

Each Challenge has its own requirements concerning when teams must report to the Prep Area. Consult the Travel Guide for Teams and Check-in and Prop Handling Procedures for details.

Stucture teams must bring their structure to Structure Check-In no later than 1 hour before their Team Challenge performance time.

Respect for our Host Venue

In order to ensure that we care appropriately for our host venue, Somers Middle School, we have instituted the following site-specific rules:

  • Teams must take precautions to protect the facility, including (but not limited to) the floor surface and walls. Damage to the facility could result in points deducted and/or a monetary charge for repairs.
  • Teams must remove ALL debris from the the Challenge Venue immediately after their performance, must clean their area in the Prop Zone within 2 hours, and be signed out by the Prop Zone Monitor. Teams which leave debris behind may have points deducted or may be charged a fee for cleaning.

We have developed a procedure to support adherence to these rules. See the Check-in and Prop Handling Procedures for details.

Somers Middle School Area


Somers Middle School Campus

Please zoom in to see Prop Load-in locations and Parking details!


Team Challenges

Teams, supporters and spectators are all encouraged to see as many Team Challenge performances as possible. Come early, stay late, and support as many teams as you can.

Team that have props should store them in their assigned Prop Zone when they arrrive at the Tournament. You will receive a Prop Zone sign / ticket which you must post near your props. Due to limited available space, we request that teams avoid loading their props into the Prop Zone earlier than two hours before their performance time, unless they have large props which require significant assembly.

Please note that for most challenges the Prop Zone, Prep Area and Launch Area / Performance Area will be in different rooms, separated by standard classroom doorways. Teams are reminded that they will have very limited time in the Launch Area to do any adjustments (usually no more than 3 minutes) before their presentation time begins. Teams should consider how they will move their props and equipment quickly and reliably from Prop Zone, to Prep Area, to Launch Area and onto the Performance Area.

Instant Challenge

Instant Challenge check-in will be in Room 317 on the 3rd floor. Teams should report to check-in no later than 20 minutes before their scheduled Instant Challenge performance time.

Please note that Instant Challenge is not open to spectators. Only the Team and a single Team Manager may enter the Instant Challenge area. Teams may not bring any electronic equipment, cameras, or timing devices of any sort into the Instant Challenge room. Teams are not allowed to discuss their experience in Instant Challenge with anyone outside the team until after Global Finals.

Afternoon Activities

After the last challenge finishes (around 4pm) we have a lot of work to do tabulating scores, ranking the teams, deciding on which teams will receive Special Awards, handing any team queries about their raw scores, and getting ready for the awards ceremony. It's all critical stuff which must be done before we announce results. But don't worry - there is a lot you can do during that down time:

  • Visit the Cafeteria for a snack
  • Shop for mementos in the NYDI Store
  • Be an audience judge in our Appraiser Hat Contest
  • Participate in the DI Shirt and Pin Auction
  • Head off campus for late lunch, early dinner, or some shopping

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will take place at approximately 5pm (location TBD). Please note that there is some uncertainty in the starting time of the ceremony, as we cannot begin until all of the teams' scores have been tabulated.

Advancement Policy

Teams which achieve 1st or 2nd place [and 3rd place for Top Secret (Scientific) Elementary Level / Vanished! (Fine Arts) Elementary Level] will advance to the NYDI Affiliate Tournament in Binghamton in early April, 2017. In the case of a tie, the tied teams will advance according to their rank, and will not affect the advancement of teams at a lower rank.

Additionally, any team whose total score is within 10 points of an advancing team and has won (1st place) in any competition portion (Central Challenge, Team Choice Elements or Instant Challenge) will be given the opportunity to be evaluated by a second set of Appraisers, and therefore advanced.


As part of a volunteer organization, each team has a responsibility to facilitate the Regional Tournament. Each team must send a volunteer (in addition to the manager and the appraiser) to facilitate the operation of the tournament. Typical volunteer assignments are 40-90 minutes - but we do also have roles avaliable for individuals who can make a longer committment. See the Index of Volunteer Roles for more details.

Volunteer assignments and times are listed at the far right of the Tournament Schedule.

Tournament Schedule


  • Please force refresh / bypass your browser cache  to ensure that you are seeing the latest version of the schedule!
  • This is the final schedule, but changes are still possible! Please re-check the schedule on the day before the tournament.
  • Emails from NYDI always take precedence over this web page!
  • All teams should re-verify their performance times when they register on the day of the tournament.
  • Volunteer assignments including times are listed to the right of the table (you may need to scroll right to see them).
  • See Index of Volunteer Roles to learn what your volunteer assignment entails.

2017 Eastern Regional Tournament Venues

Loading data...
Challenge Level Kind Name Check-In Performance Room Scheduled Start Time Scheduled End Time
A ALL Technical Show & Tech Gym Entrance Area Gym-E 8:50 AM 2:50 PM
B EL Scientific Top Secret Main Entrance Rm. 234 8:40 AM 4:00 PM
B ML|SL Scientific Top Secret Main Entrance Rm. 244 1:00 PM 2:20 PM
C ALL Fine Arts Vanished Main Entrance Library 8:20 AM 3:20 PM
D ALL Improvisational 3-Peat Gym Entrance Area Aud. 10:40 AM 3:40 PM
E ALL Structural In It Together Gym Entrance Area Gym-W 9:20 AM 3:20 PM
pO ALL Service Learning Ready, Willing & Fable Main Entrance Rm. 244 9:20 AM 12:20 PM
RS ALL Early Learning Save The Day Main Entrance Rm. 229 9:20 AM 4:00 PM

2017 Eastern Regional Tournament Schedule

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Team # Org. Sch. Team Name Ch. Abbr. Ch. Lv. TC Room TC Time IC Time Δ Manager Vol. Type Vol. Where Vol. Start Vol. End
134-92941 Croton-Harmon Croton-Harmon HS ¿Huh? TECH A SL Gym-E 8:50 11:00 Stok Registration Main Entrance (2nd. Fl.) 9:15 10:15
134-10099 Lakeland Lakeland HS Live and Let DI TECH A SL Gym-E 9:10 11:20 D'Amaso Door Watcher Gym-E 11:10 11:30
134-11405 Lakeland Copper Beech MS Five Fantabulous Falafels TECH A ML Gym-E 9:30 11:20 DiSisto Door Watcher Gym-W 11:00 11:40
134-22428 Blind Brook-Rye Blind Brook MS start to finish 3.0 TECH A ML Gym-E 9:50 12:00 Mathews Door Watcher Gym-W 11:40 12:00
134-54290 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS The Situationists TECH A ML Gym-E 10:30 13:40 von Sauer Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 13:30 15:00
134-56801 Lakeland Copper Beech MS Pink Fluffy Unicorns Doing DI TECH A ML Gym-E 10:50 14:00 Bufi Door Watcher Gym-E 13:50 14:30
134-81208 Lakeland Copper Beech MS Team FOR TECH A ML Gym-E 11:10 9:40 Fonsale Rogerson Door Watcher Gym-E 9:30 10:10
134-50418 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS D.I.nosaurs TECH A EL Gym-E 12:30 9:40 Goldmark Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 9:00 10:30
134-66341 Yorktown Crompond ES D.I. of the Tiger TECH A EL Gym-E 12:50 10:00 tomeny Door Watcher Gym-W 10:00 10:40
134-27222 Lakeland Ben Franklin ES The Seven Crazy Creators TECH A EL Gym-E 13:10 10:20 Aggarwal Door Watcher Rm. 234 10:00 10:20
134-16056 Lakeland Lincoln Titus ES Fabulous four dream team TECH A EL Gym-E 13:50 11:00 Matos Door Watcher Gym-E 10:30 11:10
134-57030 BQDI BQDI Stars of NYC TECH A EL Gym-E 14:10 11:20 McLennan
134-91946 Irvington Main Street DI Dogs TECH A EL Gym-E 14:30 13:00 McFeetors Door Watcher Gym-E 12:30 13:30
134-52911 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Mustache Maniacs SECRET B EL Rm. 234 8:40 10:30 Asen Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 10:30 12:00
134-03668 Somers Somers IS Tough Tuskers SECRET B EL Rm. 234 9:00 10:48 Fan Door Watcher Aud. 10:40 11:20
134-12395 Hendrick Hudson Furnace Woods ES Shnoozleborp SECRET B EL Rm. 234 9:20 11:06 Kopeloff Door Watcher Rm. 231 10:40 11:20
134-11629 Lakeland Lincoln Titus ES Technological Tangerines SECRET B EL Rm. 234 9:40 11:24 Chisholm On Call
134-14140 Harrison Parsons Memorial ES Parsons Patrol SECRET B EL Rm. 234 10:00 11:42 Egan Door Watcher Rm. 231 11:20 12:00
134-32362 Irvington Main Street Fast Fish SECRET B EL Rm. 234 10:40 9:00 Lewis Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 8:30 10:00
134-81920 Lakeland Lincoln Titus ES The Unicorn Tacos SECRET B EL Rm. 234 11:00 9:18 Piccirillo Door Watcher Library 8:20 9:00
134-47834 The Dobbs Ferry DI's The Dobbs Ferry DI's The Dobbs Ferry DI Dabasaurs SECRET B EL Rm. 234 11:20 9:36 Stern Door Watcher Rm. 234 9:20 10:00
134-49756 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Classified Narwhals SECRET B EL Rm. 234 11:40 9:54 Wentworth Registration Main Entrance (2nd. Fl.) 9:30 10:30
134-08481 Lakeland Ben Franklin ES The Mad Creators SECRET B EL Rm. 234 12:40 14:24 Rubino Door Watcher Gym-W 14:20 15:00
134-61179 Lorraine Hansberry Lorraine Hansberry Web Builders SECRET B EL Rm. 234 13:00 14:42 Cestero Door Watcher Rm. 231 14:40 15:20
134-57572 Irvington Main Street Sizzling Seven SECRET B EL Rm. 234 13:20 15:00 Propper Door Watcher Rm. 234 14:40 15:20
134-50501 Yorktown Crompond ES All Boys SECRET B EL Rm. 234 13:40 15:18 Newby Door Watcher Gym-W 15:00 15:20
134-65262 Hendrick Hudson Frank G. Lindsey ES Typhoon Seven SECRET B EL Rm. 234 14:00 15:36 Mann Door Watcher Rm. 234 15:20 16:00
134-67045 Lakeland Lincoln Titus ES D.I.namites SECRET B EL Rm. 234 14:40 12:54 Greenzweig Door Watcher Rm. 234 12:40 13:20
134-66984 Irvington Main Street The Wise Dolphins SECRET B EL Rm. 234 15:00 13:12 Neubauer Door Watcher Rm. 244 13:00 13:40
134-48309 Lakeland Lincoln Titus ES Chihuahuas From The Moon SECRET B EL Rm. 234 15:20 13:30 Alvarez Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 13:30 15:00
134-93139 Irvington Main Street The Creative Crew SECRET B EL Rm. 234 15:40 13:48 Graeber Door Watcher Rm. 234 13:20 14:20
134-74981 Lakeland Copper Beech MS Wait! Where's My Phone? SECRET B ML Rm. 244 13:00 10:00 Roth On Call
134-57920 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Sherlock Homies SECRET B ML Rm. 244 13:20 10:20 Hunt Appraiser
134-77224 Irvington Main Street The Fierce Falcons SECRET B ML Rm. 244 13:40 11:00 McLaughlin On Call
134-33580 Croton-Harmon Croton-Harmon HS Super Texting Buddies SECRET B SL Rm. 244 14:00 11:40 Roane Door Watcher Rm. 244 11:20 12:00
134-48128 Croton-Harmon Croton-Harmon HS Vegan conspiracy VANISH C SL Library 8:20 10:20 Varekamp Runner
134-57033 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS DIhydrogen Monoxide VANISH C ML Library 8:40 10:40 Luebbers Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 9:30 11:00
134-17975 Lakeland Copper Beech MS The Brain Train VANISH C ML Library 9:00 11:00 Christoforatos Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 11:00 12:30
134-30005 Putnam Valley Putnam Valley MS Stale Cupcakes VANISH C ML Library 9:20 11:20 France On Call
134-60420 Lakeland Copper Beech MS Einstein's Awesome Destiny VANISH C ML Library 10:00 11:40 Merlino
134-59127 Dobbs Ferry Dobbs Ferry MS DI See That? VANISH C ML Library 10:20 12:40 Flaks Door Watcher Rm. 231 12:40 13:20
134-09992 Irvington Irvington MS Rambunctious Turtles VANISH C ML Library 10:40 13:20 Leitner Door Watcher Library 13:00 13:20
134-15322 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street DI Universe VANISH C EL Library 11:40 9:40 Parra Door Watcher Rm. 244 9:20 10:00
134-79789 Dobbs Ferry Springhurst ES Blinded by D.I. VANISH C EL Library 12:00 14:40 Berasi Door Watcher Library 14:20 15:00
134-23848 Irvington Main Street Dark Fire VANISH C EL Library 12:20 15:00 Leitner Appraiser
134-06717 Lorraine Hansberry Lorraine Hansberry Creative Squad VANISH C EL Library 12:40 15:20 Mathura Door Watcher Rm. 231 15:20 16:00
134-88271 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Creative Galaxy VANISH C EL Library 13:00 10:20 Fuller Door Watcher Library 10:00 11:00
134-69857 Lakeland Ben Franklin ES Mind Shakers VANISH C EL Library 13:40 10:40 Turjanski-Villard On Call
134-11999 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street The Emojis VANISH C EL Library 14:00 11:00 Gorin Door Watcher Rm. 234 10:40 11:20
134-38859 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Donut Say Impossible VANISH C EL Library 14:20 11:20 Axelrod Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 12:00 13:30
134-90356 Sachem Lynwood ES LeaDIng Lynwood Tigers VANISH C EL Library 14:40 13:00 Dulovic Door Watcher Aud. 12:40 13:00
134-97746 Lakeland Lincoln Titus ES Green Raging Rhinos VANISH C EL Library 15:00 13:40 DiSanto Door Watcher Rm. 231 13:20 14:00
134-62402 BQDI BQDI Butter Beans PEAT D ML Aud. 10:40 13:00 kone
134-46255 Dobbs Ferry Dobbs Ferry MS Just DI it PEAT D ML Aud. 11:00 13:40 lief On Call
134-44635 Hendrick Hudson Blue Mountain MS VIIPZ PEAT D ML Aud. 11:20 14:20 Piccolo-Hill Door Watcher Aud. 14:00 14:40
134-78923 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Tonight we dine on sweet 'n sour grumbai. PEAT D ML Aud. 12:00 14:40 Wasserman Registration Gym Entrance 8:30 9:15
134-40473 Hendrick Hudson Blue Mountain MS The Heroes of Olympus PEAT D ML Aud. 12:20 15:00 Rose Door Watcher Aud. 14:40 15:20
134-67707 Lorraine Hansberry Morningside Center Lorraine Hansberry Morningside Center LIT PEAT D ML Aud. 12:40 15:20 Kolja Door Watcher Library 15:00 15:20
134-69959 Dobbs Ferry Dobbs Ferry HS OldGrapefruitSmoothieMan.com PEAT D SL Aud. 14:00 15:20 Rancier Door Watcher Aud. 15:20 15:40
134-45636 Croton-Harmon Croton-Harmon HS Llamas Of Every Sort PEAT D SL Aud. 14:20 15:40 Kuchibhatla Appraiser
134-97151 Dobbs Ferry Dobbs Ferry HS The teem fruhm daabbs firrie PEAT D SL Aud. 14:40 12:00 Henry Door Watcher Aud. 12:00 12:40
134-04616 Lorraine Hansberry Lorraine Hansberry Improvisational Warriors PEAT D EL Aud. 15:00 12:40 Estrada Door Watcher Library 12:20 13:00
134-01645 Dobbs Ferry Springhurst ES The D.I.A. PEAT D EL Aud. 15:20 13:20 Ferri Registration Gym Entrance 9:15 10:00
134-44264 Blind Brook-Rye Blind Brook HS Live and Let DI TOGETHER E SL Gym-W 9:20 10:40 Chason On Call
134-29731 Lakeland Walter Panas HS Quad Builders TOGETHER E SL Gym-W 9:40 14:00 Cestero Door Watcher Library 13:40 14:20
134-85310 Uncommon Charter Uncommon Charter High Sabers TOGETHER E SL Gym-W 10:00 13:40 Scott TBD
134-91641 Blind Brook-Rye Blind Brook HS Tech Support Three Point O TOGETHER E SL Gym-W 10:20 14:20 George On Call
134-04913 Briarcliff Manor Briarcliff MS STiCKBurGeRs TOGETHER E ML Gym-W 11:00 9:20 Shearer Door Watcher Gym-E 8:50 9:30
134-64968 Lorraine Hansberry Morningside Center Lorraine Hansberry Morningside Center TMI TOGETHER E ML Gym-W 11:20 14:20 Kolja On Call
134-39801 Blind Brook-Rye Blind Brook MS Destination Diner TOGETHER E ML Gym-W 11:40 14:40 Wu Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 15:00 16:30
134-98913 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Imagination Express 2.0 TOGETHER E EL Gym-W 12:40 14:20 Montvelisky On Call
134-05931 Irvington Main Street Master Builders TOGETHER E EL Gym-W 13:00 14:40 Senan Door Watcher Gym-E 14:30 14:50
134-19632 Lakeland multi-school (Lakeland) SUPER SONIC SIX TOGETHER E EL Gym-W 13:20 15:00 Biswas On Call
134-63168 Irvington Main Street Creative Koalas TOGETHER E EL Gym-W 14:20 11:40 Doyle Door Watcher Aud. 11:20 11:40
134-95839 Yorktown Crompond ES Creative Cardinals TOGETHER E EL Gym-W 14:40 13:20 Erickson Door Watcher Gym-W 13:20 13:40
134-99945 Putnam Valley Putnam Valley ES DI Support Beams TOGETHER E EL Gym-W 15:00 13:40 Weed Appraiser
134-28155 Croton-Harmon Croton-Harmon HS Pretzel Salt FABLE PO SL Rm. 244 9:20 13:20 Davidson Registration Main Entrance (2nd Fl.): 8-9:15, 10-11 8:00 11:00
134-44247 Yorktown Mildred E Strang MS The 2 Wonderful Wizards FABLE PO ML Rm. 244 9:40 11:40 Goldberg Appraiser
134-89585 Croton-Harmon Pierre Van Cortlandt MS Toddlers On Strike FABLE PO ML Rm. 244 10:00 12:20 Sansaricq Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 12:00 13:30
134-09861 Dobbs Ferry Springhurst ES DI'S of Life FABLE PO EL Rm. 244 11:20 9:00 Foresti Door Watcher Rm. 234 8:40 9:20
134-07395 Irvington Main Street Gerald Harrison is a random name FABLE PO EL Rm. 244 11:40 9:20 Williams Door Watcher Library 9:00 9:40
134-68723 Lorraine Hansberry Lorraine Hansberry Community Cleaners FABLE PO EL Rm. 244 12:00 14:20 Arriaga On Call
134-25366 Somers Primrose ES SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 9:20 15:20 Culletto On Call
134-73127 Somers Primrose ES SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 9:40 15:40 Fitts On Call
134-26614 Somers Primrose ES SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 10:00 16:00 Yuan On Call
134-21953 Ossining Park Early Childhood Center Watson and Crick SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 10:40 13:40 Robinson Door Watcher Gym-W 12:40 13:20
134-18289 Putnam Valley Putnam Valley ES Pizza Panthers SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 11:00 14:00 Koumas Door Watcher Rm. 244 13:40 14:20
134-93232 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Eight Crazy Pigs SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 11:20 14:20 TC & IC Changed Scharbach Merchandise Sales Cafeteria 15:00 16:30
134-46557 PS 204 PS 204 SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 11:40 14:40 On Call
134-89899 Ossining Brookside ES Earhart SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 12:40 9:40 Garcia Door Watcher Gym-W 9:20 10:00
134-49711 Ossining Brookside ES Aristotle SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 13:00 10:00 Persaud Registration Gym Entrance 10:30 11:30
134-59088 Ossining Brookside ES DaVinci SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 13:20 10:20 Crossling Door Watcher Rm. 244 10:00 10:20
134-53454 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Bluebird Builders SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 13:40 10:40 Jhangimal Registration Main Entrance 10:30 11:30
134-78173 Ossining Brookside ES Franklin SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 14:40 11:40 Wiley Door Watcher Rm. 234 11:20 12:00
134-87481 Ossining Brookside ES Galileo SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 15:00 12:00 Leshnower Door Watcher Library 11:40 12:20
134-06105 Ossining Brookside ES Darwin SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 15:20 12:20 Morris Door Watcher Rm. 244 12:00 12:20
134-29420 Blind Brook-Rye BMP Ridge Street Awesome Imagination SAVE RS EL Rm. 229 15:40 12:40 TC & IC Changed Vargas Registration Gym Entrance: 7:15-8:30, 12-12:30 7:15 12:45

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