NYDI’s annual budget is supported in part through sales of Trading Pins.

Besides competing, teams which participate at Global Finals have opportunities to trade pins with their counterparts from other affiliates. It has been said that pin trading is significant part of the social glue which binds Global Finals participants from around the world together in shared experience.

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2019 NY-DI Trading Pins

2018 NY-DI Trading Pins

2017 NY-DI Trading Pins

top row: Kandinsky, Kahlo, Warhol
bottom row: Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh

2016 NY-DI Trading Pins

2015 Pins Dessert s

2015 NY-DI Trading Pins

2015 Pins Cirque s 2015 Pins Dessert s

2015 Pins Fortune Cookie s

2014 NY-DI Trading Pins

Eerie Canal Pin Set 2014 (with detail)
NY Angry Birds Pin Set 2014

2013 NY-DI Trading Pins

Combo 2013

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